African NFT Community DAO

The African NFT Community is an artist collective acting as onboarding and incubating infrastructure for Africans (continental and diaspora). Through NFTs, we aim to empower our community to join the opportunity boom happening in crypto/web3.

In our first year, we’ve been able to achieve this through providing educational resources, advice, and support via community & live rooms, and through creating unique strategies for onboarding individuals facing different circumstances (e.g. minting accessibility issues).

This community has grown in ways we could not have imagined just a year ago. As such. we have been making intentional changes towards establishing a DAO structure that works for us. Though hearing “DAO” may elicit a clear definition for some, what excites us most is having a structure that’s fluid in design and intuitively driven to accommodate our needs as a collective. This will enable us to maintain focus on creating a safe, educational, and inclusive environment that will facilitate access for creators entering NFTs.

We look forward to creating more opportunities to showcase talent, as we’ve done with Paradise and Ubuntu. We are also thrilled to build more partnerships that align with our mission, thus we are signaling to our broader community to be a part of this journey with us.

Paradise is our first community exhibition. Curated by: Abieyuwa

Ubuntu is our second exhibition. Curated: Abieyuwa, Koko, and MEL

As a DAO we will continue working toward creating equitable opportunities for African artists in NFTs— allowing them proper compensation for their cultural influence. To execute this at our current scale we will be in need of insight, collaboration, funding, and resources to provide a stable foundation within the African NFT community.

All donations from this crowdfund go to the African NFT Multi-sig Treasury to be allocated among previously stated priorities as well as the following: administrative resources, artist onboarding (minting fees, etc.), contributor fees, showcases, and any other community decided needs that may arise.

As a thank you for your continued interest and support of this community, all Backers will receive $ANCF. In the future, your $ANCF tokens can be burned to redeem a surprise gift from us!

We look forward to growing with you!

For additional inquiries, please contact us here.