Dimensionals is a free-to-play and groundbreaking NFT Web3 RPG game

Dimensionals is a free-to-play Web3 RPG game that features a multiverse of various superhero characters. The goal of Dimensionals is to build a fun game that can be distributed across all platforms

Who invested in Dimensionals?

Mino Games has raised over $35mm from world class investors like Andreessen Horowitz, SYBO Games, Y Combinator, Standard Crypto and many more. Mino Games invested $15 million to create Dimensionals. to accelerate the launch of Dimensionals as the next major entrant in Web3 gaming.

Mino Games is a free-to-play mobile gaming studio, their team of 75 people has extremely strong creativity. that produced the top 50 grossing mobile game Mino Monsters, with over 60 million downloads and is on a mission to build The Next $100bn Universe Trough Gaming.

Mino Games And "Dimensionals" Changing The Game With The Highly Anticipated Free Genesis Stones Drop

An RPG game which will be based on free to own concept having two exceptional characters named KOA and his little pet robot EVA.

Both KOA & EVA are first ones who found and activated the earth dimensional stone.

The first Dimensionals NFT project is Demensional Stones - a 1000 Free mint NFT collection.

Sasha Mackinnon, Co-Founder & CEO tweeted

Free-to-own is an incredible model. We get to give away powerful in-game items before launch and build an awesome community. Devs win, gamers win, streamers win and platforms don't take an 80% cut through fees & UA costs.

There will be tons of free Dimensionals NFT mints. The Genesis + high-value NFTs will be on ETH, and we'll soon announce an L2 chain to support the core economy of the game.

For each STONE you hold, you will be airdropped one of EVERY scarce Dimensional NFT... for FREE! You will be receiving DOZENS of Dimensionals this year.

The first is coming... EVE

Imagine owning the very first, limited edition Pikachu in 1998...

That's EVE, our Dimensionals mascot and trusty companion!

Owning an Eve will make you one of the select few to play the DIMENSIONALS GAME ALPHA of our game...

Eve’s collection will be our first real on chain innovation – we’re building exciting new mechanics..

The EVE collection will be a scarce, unique PFP. Just look at how damn cute she is.

Plus you'll be granted exclusive access to our holder community!

If you don't own a stone, it's not too late. You can apply for a chance at a limited number of FREE EVE MINTS!


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