MetaCreats NFT #6 understanding the NFT market 2023 Start Today

DoodleMAP、PancakeSwap V3、Magic Eden Launches 'Mint Madness'、 Yuga Labs Bitcoin NFT TwelveFold 、HALO token、Amazon NFT

1、Doodles releases new roadmap DoodleMAP, This map is a lens into the universe they are building and how it all connects.
Just like the printing press, TV & the Internet, blockchain enables an entirely new format for storytelling & identity. will continue to leverage many aspects of this revolutionary tech to reimagine what it means for a fan, collector, or holder to be part of a brand’s universe.
they will continue to significantly invest in the Ethereum ecosystem and the promise of Web3.

DoodleMAP showcased Doodlebank, Dooplicator, Doodles Records, The Stoodio, Space Doodles, and Planets including the already launched Doodles2 and Genesis Box.

2、Participate in PancakeSwap V3 Launch: Claim $135K CAKE Airdrop and Receive an Exclusive NFT for Early Supporters.

all of which will run from March 5th, 2023 until April 3rd.

PancakeSwap V3 is coming on the 1st week of April!

A host of new features and exciting campaigns coming to enhance your DeFi experience: Airdrop - Add liquidity on BSC PCS now Exclusive NFTs VIP program with amazing rebate

3、Magic Eden Launches 'Mint Madness' With Free Web3 Gaming Mints

Mint Madness: 13 FREE gaming mints across Polygon, ETH & SOL in March

the top NFT 10 traders by volume on the Polygon collections will be entered into a prize pool of 20K MATIC (about $25.5K), with the first place winner receiving 4.5K MATIC.

Register your Polygon wallet to enter!
Don't forget to follow @MEOnPolygon!

Enter here for a chance to receive a whitelist for ALL projects across chains:

these games for joining Mint Madness!
1st half of Mar:


2nd half of Mar:


4、The Bored Ape Yacht Club creator announced a limited-edition NFT collection called TwelveFold. The new project includes 300 generative art collectibles powered by the Bitcoin blockchain network.

Yuga Labs is getting in on the Bitcoin NFT craze.

At the time of writing, the top bid was 2 BTC, according to the TwelveFold website with the lowest bid registered showing as 0.011 BTC. with 288 from the collection sent to the highest 288 bidders. TwelveFold will conclude on the block immediately prior to 3pm PT tomorrow, March 6th, 2023.

5、The HALO token is deployed on the BNB Chain with a total supply of 500 million. 10 million tokens airdropped to users. The claim time will be from 10:00 AM GMT on March 6 to 10:00 AM GMT on April 5.

6、NFTs: Amazon to launch its platform on April 24!

After months of development, and some delays, the world leader in e-commerce Amazon will launch its NFTs platform. About fifteen NFT collections will be available from the launch.

will be available on the site of the American giant via a tab "Amazon Digital Marketplace".

NFTs will only be purchased from the Amazon account and through a credit card. do not have access to crypto wallets like Metamask to buy NFTs.

This tab will only be available in the United States at first. The platform will gradually be opened to the rest of the world, including Europe.


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