Nakamigos NFT: An Introduction to the Unique Crypto Investors

Nakamigos are 20,000 unique crypto investors coming to the blockchain with commercial rights. Nakamigos name from the founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamigos are crypto investors – in essence, they are friends of Nakamoto, aka Nakamigos. The first appeared on Twitter on October 31, 2022 – the 14th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Nakamigos NFTs come in two categories: humans and non-humans. Most Nakamigos NFT are humans. There are 6 types of humans:

The non-humans are more rare. There are 6 types of non-humans:

Ghosts are rarest. Balloons are also quite rare. There are rare traits as well, including crowns, hoodies, capes, and more.

Nakamigos holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks in 2022. The Nakamigos collection is reserved for the Nakamigos team, with 500 of the collection belonging to them, which is equivalent to 2.5% of the collection.

Nakamigos was created by HiFo Labs, The anonymous entity behind Nakamigos with years of experience in NFT projects. HiFo Labs team members have created NFT & Digital Art projects for the past five years. In 2023 launched Nakamigos.

Nakamigos was looking for ways to get in the hands of a large and enthusiastic NFT audience. The creator of ‘end of sartoshi - eos pass’, Sartoshi, was looking for ways to provide value to holders of all the 16,999 eos tokens.

This led to Nakamigos partnering for mint so that all eos tokens could claim a Nakamigo for free on Early Access Mint day.

Sartoshi not part of HiFo Labs

Could it be that Hifo labs is dropping subtle hints for us to decode? Nakamigos

As per the commercial rights stated on HiFo Labs official website, it is established that the commercial rights held by them are identical to those held by YUGA LABS.

It's quite intriguing why Yuga was mentioned without any obvious context or connection. This raises a curious inquiry that warrants deeper exploration.

The available evidence strongly indicates a correlation between Larva Labs & HiFo Labs. Dismissing this assertion, as some have done, would be contrary to the facts that support it. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that a connection between the two entities DOES EXIST

The team has been actively involved in NFT projects since as early as 2017, coinciding with the launch of CryptoPunks.

Larva Labs has recently updated their official Twitter bio with the mysterious phrase "and a few other things."

This thrilling development has left us wondering what exciting new project they have up their sleeves. Are they referring to Nakamigos?

It's interesting to observe that Larva Labs and HiFo Labs have an unusual social media presence, in that they DO NOT FOLLOW any other Twitter accounts.

There are similarities between HiFo Labs and Larva Labs, but it's important to remember that they are separate entities, and it's possible that there may be distinctions between them that have yet to be discovered.

HiFo Labs has gained attention and popularity for their impressive creations, particularly their pixel art, which has a universal appeal and has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages. Despite the speculation around their possible connection to Larva Labs and the mysterious nature of Nakamigos, it's clear that HiFo Labs has made a name for themselves in the competitive world of NFTs with their high-quality and unique creations. As such, many continue to have faith in their abilities and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


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