Talus x Ankr: Bitcoin Liquidity for Onchain Smart Agents

We are excited to integrate with Ankr, a leading infrastructure layer for liquid staking services. Through this collaboration, our Talus Smart Agent Hub will have access to Bitcoin Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs). This gives developers on Talus a deep well of previously untapped liquidity, expanding the DeFi utility of onchain smart agents.

How Talus and Ankr Fit Together

Talus is creating a thriving onchain economy for smart agents and the value they create. These smart agents will transact based on specified user preferences, opening up a vast range of blockchain use cases. To realize this vision, smart agents need access to diverse pools of capital.

Ankr provides the infrastructure to source this capital across networks, most recently expanding to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only the oldest blockchain but also continues to have the highest liquidity. Unfortunately, this liquidity has been trapped within the Bitcoin L1. With the aid of Ankr’s liquid staking service, Bitcoin can be staked through various Bitcoin restaking protocols. This enables users on the Bitcoin network to earn additional staking rewards while providing other ecosystems access to Bitcoin liquidity.

Via Ankr, smart agents on Talus will be able to tap into this influx of Bitcoin liquidity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. BTC holders delegate their stake to an operator in a restaking protocol.

  2. Ankr creates LSTs for staked BTC.

  3. LSTs are bridged to Talus Network.

  4. LSTs are available to smart agents and smart agent-driven apps.

For Talus, sufficient liquidity is required for atomic swaps, in which agents execute multi-step DeFi transactions as a single transaction. Each step must be executed simultaneously or the entire transaction will fail. For example, an agent can take out a flash loan, use the borrowed funds in other protocols, and repay the loan, all in one transaction. Without atomic swaps, an agent could take out a flash loan for an arbitrage opportunity, but then find out that the arbitrage opportunity is no longer available, making the initial loan meaningless.

Together, Talus and Ankr unlock the true potential of smart agents by providing them extensive liquidity. This will usher in a new era of innovative activity across the onchain economy.

About Talus

Talus is building AI Smart Agents for the people.

We are creating a decentralized protocol where individuals can freely exchange data, models, and computational power to make AI transparent and verifiable. By leveraging the security, performance, and developer experience of Move, Talus is the foundation of the Smart Agent Revolution and a new era of consumer AI.

To learn more about Talus, follow us on Twitter, check out our GitHub, read our Mirror, and join our Discord.

About Ankr

As the pioneer of liquid staking, Ankr creates next-generation solutions for supporting validation on 9+ proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading node delegation system and security. With a Total Value Locked of over $80M, Ankr is the 3rd largest Ethereum staker and go-to staking infrastructure provider for ecosystems like the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and more.

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