Talus x Chasm: Seamless Deployment of AI Smart Agents

We are thrilled to collaborate with Chasm, a deployment platform transforming how developers build AI and smart agent applications. Through this collaboration, developers on Talus will have access to Chasm’s intuitive no-code tools to efficiently build and deploy AI-powered applications.

How Talus and Chasm Fit Together

Talus is creating the universal deployment engine for smart agents, where they can live, interact, and transact onchain. Users can tap into a collection of smart agent resources and use the Move programming language to create smart agents for their desired applications.

To realize this vision, builders on Talus need a seamless and accessible deployment experience. Bbuilding smart agents can be needlessly challenging, because builders need to understand different advanced technologies and howto put them together in a working environment.

This is where Chasm’s no-code solution comes in. Chasm’s platform, Weave, allows builders to design and configure sophisticated applications without extensive coding knowledge. No-code development will be a critical part of scaling smart agents on Talus, significantly increasing productivity and lowering costs for developers.

Essentially, Chasm serves as a UI interface for Talus’s SDK. Using Weave, builders can deploy applications on Talus with this simple workflow:

  1. Choose a  model from Talus’s model registry

  2. Select desired compute provider from Talus’s  compute registry

  3. Drag and drop prompts to create a workflow

  4. Deploy smart agent on Talus through the Chasm API

At Talus, one of our core values is abstracting away as much complexity as possible from the developer experience. This collaboration enables developers to shift their focus from tedious building processes to the end user experience. Together, Talus and Chasm will revolutionize the creation of smarter, more secure AI-powered applications.

About Talus

Talus is building AI Smart Agents for the people.

We are creating a decentralized protocol where individuals can freely exchange data, models, and computational power to make AI transparent and verifiable. By leveraging the security, performance, and developer experience of Move, Talus is the foundation of the Smart Agent Revolution and a new era of consumer AI.

To learn more about Talus, follow us on Twitter, check out our GitHub, read our Mirror, and join our Discord.

About Chasm

Chasm pushes the boundaries of decentralized AI by developing innovative solutions that empower both developers and businesses. Chasm’s flagship product, Weave, is a codeless AI workflow builder that automates processes using generative AI. It supports multiple LLMs, creating API-ready workflows for easy integration. Its seamless integration and codeless platform simplify AI workflow creation.

To learn more about Weave, follow us on Twitter, check out our Website, and join our Discord.

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