Talus x Sign Protocol: Attestations for AI Smart Agents

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration with Sign Protocol, an omni-chain attestation protocol. Through this collaboration, there will be verifiable logs of smart agent activity on Talus, serving as proof that smart agents executed transactions intended by their users. Stakeholders will be able to verify agent actions and understand the true value of smart agents across domains.

How Talus and Sign Protocol Fit Together

One of the most important unlocks of combining crypto and AI enables is verifiability for AI outputs. How can a user be sure that an agent did what the user wanted? With existing web2 AI architecture, there is no way to assess the credibility and accuracy of smart agents in executing user intents. Much of web2 is focused on closed-source models trained on proprietary data. Web2 giants see these types of models as industry secrets to be guarded from the public to retain competitive advantage. Following this trend, AI will become an opaque technology controlled by a powerful few.

Cryptographic trust must become the norm in artificial intelligence. It must be possible for the everyday user to verify the actions of AI, particularly as agents are used for critical use cases involving money, commerce, value transfer, and governance.

Sign Protocol provides cryptographic proofs of smart agent activity on Talus in the form of attestations. This enables a global reputation system for smart agents. These standardized scores, based on open attestations of past activity, allow users to assess the reliability and risks of smart agent models before delegating onchain activity to them. Evaluators, including users, developers, and node operators, can use attestations to make, confirm, or disprove claims about smart agents and their actions. The result of systematic cryptographic verification is a trustless, verifiable smart agent ecosystem on Talus.

Together, Sign Protocol and Talus will accelerate the Smart Agent Revolution. Attestations will push smart agents from simple, isolated workflows to multi-stakeholder, high-impact use cases. With verifiable, on-chain reputation, agents on Talus will redefine how we interact on-chain.

About Talus

Talus is building AI Smart Agents for the people.

We are creating a decentralized protocol where individuals can freely exchange data, models, and computational power to make AI transparent and verifiable. By leveraging the security, performance, and developer experience of Move, Talus is the foundation of the Smart Agent Revolution and a new era of consumer AI.

To learn more about Talus, follow us on Twitter, check out our GitHub, read our Mirror, and join our Discord.

About Sign Protocol

Sign Protocol is an omni-chain attestation protocol, enabling users to freely attest and verify any information on-chain.

Every day, we are faced with a miscellany of claims and assertions made by various entities in the real world and on the web that we have to work with. Typically, we resort to the classic trust assumptions and relationships of the systems we operate in, such as an entity being honest, or an authority, to establish confirmation of such claims. In the rapidly evolving world, and web, it is becoming less efficient to simply trust and more crucial to verify everything.

Sign Protocol offers a suite of tools, infrastructure, and standards to create a future where all claims and assertions on the web and the world around us are driven by verifiable attestations. It does this by leveraging modern technologies, such as decentralized blockchains and data storage solutions, along with novel techniques such as the use of zero-knowledge cryptography and digital signatures.

To learn more about Sign protocol, follow them on Twitter, check out their Medium, read their docs, or visit their website.

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