May 4th, 2022

Prysm is the platform for collective ownership. We are innovating across DAOs and NFTs to help average people live more abundant lives through community-based ownership.

To some, this may look like an experiment at the bleeding edge of social finance.

But in a lot of ways, Prysm is a natural extension of trends across retail investing and culture that have been building for the last decade.

It’s important to understand where the collective ownership movement stems from. There are three key trends that help to tell that story.

April 27th, 2022

We’re incredibly excited to launch Season II.

Season II Mint Page
Prysm Access NFT OpenSea Collection

Prysm is the collective ownership platform. We empower groups of friends, web3 communities and DAOs to shape culture by owning the assets that define a generation.

March 8th, 2022

We’re launching Early Access NFT Passes for Squads today! We’re excited to welcome the next cohort of early users and provide them with the best NFT collecting experience as a team.

We launched Squads on Prysm to build ​​the fastest and most fun way to collect, own and flex NFTs with frens. We received amazing feedback from early testers and are excited to expand our community of Squads that are collecting together!

Early Access Pass NFT holders will receive:

  • Access to NFT Squads for their entire group of frens
  • Voting power on the future roadmap
  • Access to a Premier Squads lounge on Discord with all early Squads: a place to discuss group investing best practices, NFT collecting strategies, attend exclusive town halls, and access to in-person events with NFT experts
  • Ability to invite new community members
February 17th, 2022

Introducing NFT Squads: the fastest, most fun way to collect, own and flex NFTs with frens.

Apply for early access here!

Friends gather in group chats, share NFT opportunities and dream of owning blue chip NFTs together. With NFT Squads, you can turn your group chat into a Collector DAO and transform your dreams into a reality.