Chapter 5: Creepy Creams DAO Interview
March 25th, 2023

We had an wonderful chat with Alex, co-founder of the Creepy Creams brand, and a NHS neurosurgeon. We dive into his community’s backstory and his fresh take on the current state of Web3 communities.

Creepy Creams is more than just a passion project for Alex. It's a project that was inspired by his family and children and has attracted a diverse community of like-minded individuals from various personal and professional backgrounds.

The community that co-founders Alex and Tom have fostered goes beyond just alpha. It's a community centered around people, providing a platform for individuals to connect, offer support to one another, and feel a sense of belonging no matter how much time has passed.

Full Interview below:

Tell me about yourself and how Creepy Creams got started

I'm a NHS neurosurgeon in the UK. I'm a father of two. I've got two young kids with complex health needs and that was the kind of inspiration for Creepy Creams as a kind of brand, I suppose the girls. We wanted to launch a project that gave to charity and represented more of the kind of art side and fun side of NFTs.

So my partner Tom, he's the main artist in Creepy Creams. He basically got inspiration from my little ones and showed them the art and they would give him their reactions. Some of the, some of the traits are named after my eldest daughter. Some are named after my youngest daughter, you know, that kind of thing.

So this is a very personal project. I'm a doctor first and foremost, but I've, I've got a massive interest in art and literature and the humanities.

Tell me about Creepy Creams DAO

We're in the midst of a bear market and the beautiful thing about the bear market is a lot of the people who don't really care too much about Web3 communities left when projects went to zero. So you're only left with projects that are continuing to build.

So we had this tight knit really hardcore community who were just fantastic people. They're a little bit older than your average Web3 crowd. They got a lot of life experience, lots of different skills in real life like SEO, marketing, construction, real estate, investment, Alpha Callers, they're all the real people that stayed. We wanted to figure out a really efficient way of utilizing different skill sets to push forward Creepy Creams as a project.

The problem with the bear is there's low liquidity and you're left with either really big plays that soak up your liquidity for a long time or short term plays that don't really amount to much in the long term. So what we did was we liquidated a lot of non blue chip assets that we had in the creepy creams vault. We put that into Lore and we opened a big initial funding round from members and supercharged the first round.

One of our DAO council members is an Alpha Caller and he basically just led us through the first month to just keep making incremental games, flipping here, flipping there until eventually we amassed. So rather than just going in heavy, buying a blue chip, leaving it, and that's it, we made sure that we utilized all the skills of everybody's collective experience to make a few smaller long-term assets, a few medium term plays and some long-term plays that we really wanna hold.

What’s your community culture like?

It's a really familial kind of culture that we've got to be honest. It’s like having your best friends where you might not keep in touch for a few weeks or something, but when you get back in contact with each other you just pick up where you left off. It's like nothing has ever changed. There's just a continuing thread that pulls everyone together all the time.

Any shared rituals with the community?

There's always a GM with a check-in of what everyone's up to, how they're feeling, you know, but it's more checking in with like in real life stuff. It's like coffee in the morning, almost like a parent get together at a coffee shop. Bitching and moaning about real life 🙂

Advice for people running their own groups?

Tom and I have tried to make a reputation for our project and for ourselves from the very beginning by being transparent and having integrity. When we launched in October 21, there were hardly any doxxed founders, almost next to none. We came straight out being like — we're doxed, we're both doctors, we work in London.

You know, we, we've fallen into periods where we're really, really busy and we haven't communicated as well as we should have done and the big thing that we've learned is that yes, transparency is awesome, integrity's great, but being able to communicate even if nothing is happening and things are just plateauing is important.

Consistent communication doesn't need to be good news and the pumping of bags, it can just be checking in. Communities really respect and appreciate that. I think that supersedes nearly everything else to be absolutely honest.

How has Lore helped you with your goals?

Lore has given us the confidence to come together even more as a community and pull resources to reach common goals more cleanly or efficiently. And it's really kind of bolstered community spirit and I'm not just saying that. Once you get used to it and once you figure it out, it's a pretty important tool for any DAO to have to be honest.

Thank you to Alex, Tom and the Creepy Cream DAO for your time and sharing your Lore with us today. You can find Alex and Tom on twitter and check our their incredibly fun brand Creepy Creams here and grab some apparel.

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