NFT Squads are Live!
February 17th, 2022

Introducing NFT Squads: the fastest, most fun way to collect, own and flex NFTs with frens.

Apply for early access here!

Friends gather in group chats, share NFT opportunities and dream of owning blue chip NFTs together. With NFT Squads, you can turn your group chat into a Collector DAO and transform your dreams into a reality.

Current Challenges

Imagine this: You found a blue-chip NFT that you want to collect. Rather than purchasing it on your own, you want to share the cost, profits, risks and utility with your friends.

This should be simple – even fun, but in reality, challenges arise:

  • 😑 Painful flows over over Gnosis, WalletConnect, and OpenSea to buy an NFT
  • ☠️ Coordinating frens to make decisions is chaos
  • 📜 Managing contributions and ownership is manual

At Prysm, we want to make collecting and owning NFTs simple and accessible to all. That’s why we created Squads. NFT Squads makes collecting, owning, and flexing NFTs together fun, fast and easy.

NFT Squads

NFT Squads enables groups of friends and communities to launch, manage and grow a Collector DAO. Pool capital, share risks, share profits and learn together.

Here are the top benefits of NFT Squads:

  • 🪞 Purchase NFTs on any marketplace securely: OpenSea and many more
  • 🤝 Effortless ownership management: track contributions and ownership over time between you and your friends
  • 🔐 Interoperable with DAO tooling: Squads is built on top of battle-tested protocols like Gnosis Safe. We make it easy to leverage the composable world of DAO tooling
  • ⚡️ Fast and trustless group voting: complete group transactions at lightning speed
  • 🌈 Flex your Squad: show off your Squad’s NFTs & accomplishments with Squad Galleries
  • 🥳 Have Fun: we made Squads extra delightful. Now on browser, soon on iOS

Squads Features

Let’s dive into the top features of Squads:

Seamless NFT transactions with your Squad

Squads makes it easier for you to focus on what you love: collecting NFTs with friends, without the hassle.

Propose an NFT purchase by pasting in the OpenSea listing link of the NFT, and view important information such as price, contract address and OpenSea link, all in one UI.

Soon, we’ll enable many other NFT transactions like listing, minting, staking and much more.

Fast, Trustless Voting

Squads makes the group voting and decision making process less of a chore. Snipe your favorite NFTs quickly.

Our voting mechanisms are flexible and can be customized to your Squad’s preferences.

Soon, we’ll launch the ability for Squads to launch their own social token to make voting trustless so you can scale coordination.

Ownership Management

Track contributions & ownership between you and your Squad.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets – we make it super simple and fun for you to manage Squad ownership.

Boost participation with fun achievements to decorate your most active Squad members.

Flex Your Squad

Flex your Squad’s achievements with the community.

Curate the NFTs you own together in your Squad’s Gallery. Turn your NFT collection into a gallery, and share it with your friends and your community.

We’re Just Getting Started

We built Squads to step closer to our mission of lowering barriers for the average citizen to accumulate capital.

Web3 is collaborative software giving groups superpowers. One such power uniquely enabled by web3 is collective ownership. Through pooling together money, resources and intelligence the 99% can more easily own blue-chip assets, create more wealth and unlock financial freedom.

NFT Squads is just the beginning of our mission to deliver the power of collective ownership to everyone, anywhere, on any device.

Get Early Access

How to Join? Apply here.

Soon, we’ll mint Early Access NFTs for 25 excited groups of friends. The NFT gives your Squad early access to our product, membership to our early community and special TBA community superpowers.

We’ve already curated an impressive early lineup of NFT Squads that we’ll be showing off soon. You don’t want to miss out. Join Early.

Additionally we’ll cover gas fees for Squad creation and the first NFT purchase for Early Access NFT holders.

🎉 Sounds awesome. What should I do now?

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