Solana Capabilities & Learning Resources Mind-map
January 26th, 2022

This blog post is a brief introduction to this mind-map. The objective is to capture the entire capabilities of Solana & their learning resources for easy referencing. On a personal note I am more of visual learner, and that was the motivation to make this.

As of writing this blog post, there seems to be strong interest in this diagram. You can view the click metrics here. There was an attempt to have this added to the solana cookbook, via this issue which also contains urls to discord chats in the Solana Official Discord and others. There will also be an attempt to have this diagram added to soldev, based on this advice.

The mind map is a png which is quite large (3116x2692), which has been designed primarily for readability. Its best read when downloaded locally. There will be other such diagrams as I progress in my understanding. You can follow or star my github repo which will be repository for such types of diagrams.

PS: I am not affiliated with Solana, and this content is strictly being created for educational purposes only.

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