Multisig address fraud
September 1st, 2022

A new type of fraud that has become widespread in the summer of 2022. The scammer, under the guise of a beginner in cryptocurrency, asks for help from users.

The scammer explains that he has the wrapped currency stuck in his wallet, and the native currency is not enough to complete the transaction.

He explains the problem by the fact that he is unable to replenish his address with native currency tokens and provides SEED with the phrase (Mnemonic Phrase) of his wallet, which, as everyone knows, is strictly forbidden to share. Thus, it shows users that he is new to the field of cryptocurrencies.

Further, anyone can enter his wallet using the SEED phrase and see the amount on the balance of his address:

As we can see, there are 1005 USDT and 0.08 TRX on the balance. To make any transaction, for example, withdrawing funds, TRX is required. On average, it takes about $0.3 to pay any fee on the TRON network. After that, the user who saw a large amount on the balance, pursuing thoughts about the possible withdrawal of 1005 USDT, replenishes the balance of this address with the TRX currency. Funds are credited to the address, and the user tries to withdraw USDT, since there are now enough funds to pay the commission.

But there is a problem where:
option A — TRX is already missing (they were just taken out)
option B — withdrawal transaction is canceled


This address is Multisig Wallet. This is an address that is under the control of two or more users. This address cannot transact without the consent of any other owner of this address. In other words, in order to withdraw funds, it is necessary that all users of this address give their consent.

Summarizing, we can say that user simply gives all the funds that were received to this address to scammers. And, of course, it is not possible to withdraw USDT from this address without the consent of other persons who have control over this address.

If you want to see how many people who want to “help” the poor fellow decided to withdraw funds — I will give an answer, there are almost 6000 of them!

But if you can’t get it out, what should you do? Contact Trust Wallet support.

But the answer was not long in coming:

The number of cases of fraud is increasing all the time, as is the ingenuity of the fraudsters themselves.

In the case described above, the perpetrator pretended to be a novice, provoking the lust for profit inherent in everyone.

Be careful!
Don’t let scammers fool you into an easy way to make money, always double-check the information and study the data available more carefully.

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