EIF 3.0 Week 8 (and beyond): Wrap

Hey there,

Just like that, 8 weeks come to and end. It was an absolute pleasure being a part of this fellowship these two months, hacking with fellow developers (no pun intended), discussing issues with the mentors and attending the amazing sessions that Devfolio had generously arranged for us.

Looking back, it feels so crazy that even I got to be a part of such an amazing journey. The last few weeks have been very very busy, and nonetheless very exciting. I got to learn a lot about the web3 ecosystem and even more about myself, especially about the kind of crystal-clear focus that I can have when the deadline is knocking on the door :P

This week was also special because I received the ETHIndia from a little meme contest that we had on the discord server! 🙌

Also, I teamed up with two of my friends to participate in Stranger Hacks: GPT Era, an AI themed Hackathon from Devfolio and built Praiority, which later turns out, bagged the exclusive Stranger Hacks schwag! Not a bad way to end the week, eh?


Coming back to my EIF Project, which I call deMark. deMark is a way to create a proof of source of your images on the blockchain. I leave the finer details to the Devfolio submission page and the presentation slides attached below, but here’s a high level overview:

  • You, as an owner/artist/creator of an image wants to mark yourself as the first person to make that image available on the internet

  • So you create an immutable record on the blockchain that you are the owner/artist/creator before you upload the image anywhere else

  • You hide this information on the image through some watermarking technique (steganography used in the first implementation)

  • This image containing the watermark is itself a proof that can be used to verify the image’s source and trace it to the owner

The current implementation stands with a basic version of the smart contract and the module for interacting with IPFS, which I use to upload the images. What’s still breaking is the integration with the steganography library. I plan to continue working on it to make it into a full-fledged app and see how I can improve it from there.

Devfolio Project:

Presentation Slides:

Presentation and Future Plans for deMark

All of us fellows presented our projects to the mentors. It was amazing to see so many interesting projects come out of this fellowship. I was particularly intrigued by the depth upto which some fellows had gone to research about what issues the community faces and how they can be improved upon.

I am grateful to Kautuk for providing detailed feedback and ideas to work upon for my project. I now have new directions to take this project into, the ones I did not even think about at the start. Aiming to do the v1 release soon this month and then improve it further from there using more robust watermarking techniques.

Closing Thoughts

This project and all the learnings in the entire duration of the fellowship could not have been possible without the constant support of the folks at Devfolio, our fellows, and of course our cohort’s mentor QEDK, whom I also had the pleasure to catch up with in Delhi, last week. Super fun guy.

I hope I can make the best use of everything that I’ve taking from the fellowship and be able to build something useful for the community!

Cheers 👋

Until next time,


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