The Atlas Airdrop: what you need to know

Attention all Titans!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of, a revolutionary, AI-powered trading and financial products platform that will give NFT traders a significant advantage in the market.

Atlas is more than just another NFT trading platform: it's a financial OS for NFTs, powered by cutting-edge machine learning. Our advanced algorithms enable us to conduct real-time, in-depth pricing and liquidity analysis for NFTs, providing the foundation for a range of innovative financial products and services we’ll be rolling out.

These financial products will give you greater control and flexibility over your NFT portfolio, allowing you to manage risk and optimize returns in a way that was never before possible.

The Token

At the heart of Atlas's financial OS for NFTs is our native token, which plays a key role in powering our financial products.

Atlas's token will be used to govern and provide liquidity for these innovative financial products. By staking the token, users will be able to participate in the growth of our financial products, and will be rewarded for their contribution.

Users earn the Atlas token by providing liquidity to our financial products as well as through trading volume and the airdrop.

One financial product we will launch is Buy Now, Pay Later: users who stake the token will provide the initial liquidity needed for others to purchase NFTs at market by only putting down a down-payment and paying off the rest with interest. Our pricing and liquidity oracle and other safety mechanisms will determine the liquidation threshold in real-time. Stakers earn a return on their contribution, and the buyers are able to access the financial products they need to grow and manage their NFT portfolio.

We will be launching a whole suite of financial products like these through the Atlas platform over time. More details will be announced soon 🤫

The Airdrop

The airdrop for Atlas's native token is an exciting opportunity for users to get their hands on some of the first tokens to be released on our platform. We will be airdropping our initial distribution tokens based on our point system, which rewards users for their trading activity on Atlas. The more points you have, the larger your token airdrop will be.

Point values for each activity can be viewed on our launch announcement article. Note that point values for all Twitter and Discord activity will be verified during various snapshots up until a future date after the window for activity-earned points has closed, so make sure your actions remain active throughout this time.

No product was ever possible without the support of its earliest believers. We are grateful for all of you who believe in the potential this has, and we want to ensure that your support is recognized.

The Point System

For a limited time, there are a few other easy ways you can score some early points, such as joining the waitlist, checking out our article(s), joining our Discord, following us on Twitter, liking and retweeting our Genesis Tweet, and inviting others to join the platform.

Points will be used to award tokens in the airdrop, as well as access to the platform and early beta features.

Invite a friend and you both get 250 points! If a friend accepts your invitation to join our waitlist, you will each get 250 points.

  1. Joining the waitlist (+250): Join the waitlist to earn these points. ETH address and a Twitter handle will be required, and an email address is highly encouraged.

  2. Checking out our Mirror blog (+50): After joining the waitlist, click the link in the Points page to earn these points. Consider subscribing for some good alpha!

  3. Joining our Discord (+200): Users who are in our Discord will be awarded points after the snapshot. We’ll use Collab.Land to verify.

  4. Following us on Twitter (+200): Users who follow us on Twitter will be awarded points after the snapshot.

  5. Liking our Genesis Tweet (+100): Users who like our Genesis Tweet will be awarded points after the snapshot.

  6. Retweeting our Genesis Tweet (+300): Users who retweet our Genesis Tweet will be awarded points after the snapshot.

    📣 Important Note 📣 we will take a snapshot at a future date to award all Discord and Twitter points to users. Make sure your actions are active throughout the waitlist period so you don’t miss it.

  7. Invitations (+250 or more per acceptance): You will earn 250 points per user who accepts your invite. You will also earn points based on the activity of those you invite.

Well, what are you waiting for? Those points aren’t going to earn themselves!

Join our waitlist (and earn points):

Jump into our Discord:

Connect with us on Twitter:

About Atlas

Atlas is a revolutionary trading and financial products platform for NFTs, powered by cutting-edge machine learning. The team is deeply technical with a strong track record of building great products, having founded or been on the founding team of an NFT unicorn, a DeFi unicorn, and a highly successful quantitative trading firm. We’ve been building NFT marketplaces since 2018, quant and AI trading strategies since 2010, and have scaled multiple products from 0 to millions. Join Atlas today and be a part of the future of NFTs.

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