May 12th, 2022

Due to the large fluctuation of gas price on the current Polygon network, our withdrawal fee is charged at 50Gwei, and the upper limit of transaction gas set by the program is also 50Gwei. In view of the current high gas price of the network, we will adjust the gas price today to ensure that the current withdrawal transaction request is executed.

May 8th, 2022

Linkkey is a decentralised governance crypto organisation with no corporate body and very experienced team members in the crypto industry, dating back as far as 2012 in Bitcoin ASIC chip development. We have not sought investment institutions since our inception in early 2021, and have been funded by our own funds with community support, as well as incentive donations from Polygon, KAVA, TRON and others. We believe that most investors in the crypto space are "harvesters", whereas Linkkey is a community project that started in the community, shared with the community, and whose success is determined by the community.

KEY Mechanism

The Linkkey token $KEY is issued to registered users and lasts for three years (start date 25/12/2021, end date 24/12/2024), with no limit on the total number of tokens, depending on the number of real users, after which the DAO proposal will decide whether to continue the issue.

March 30th, 2022

Due to the service layer program temporary detection of bugs need to be urgently fixed, sns v1.3.2 version will be delayed a few hours release, is expected to 2022.3.31 online.

Domain name registration with KEY and allocation adjustment

We have recently collected the community's opinions on the use of KEY to pay for domain name registration, and have adopted a pricing strategy that has a high level of community support.

The pricing is set at 15 KEY for a domain name registration, and the number of KEY tokens allocated to the registrant has been adjusted upwards.

March 22nd, 2022

Visit the following website:

Perform the following operations:

March 22nd, 2022

KEY Address: 0x5CA9A8405499a1Ee8fbB1849f197b2b7e518985f


  • Network Name: Polygon
  • New RPC URL:

https://polygon-rpc.com or

March 17th, 2022

KEY Payment

After feedback from the community and internal discussions within the team, SNS will gradually support other coins to pay for domain name registration fees. The first coin to be supported is KEY (Linkkey project token).

Meanwhile, based on the goal and principle of continuously expanding the number of SNS users, we have made the following pricing for KEY domain name registration.

A domain name registration fee is priced at 1 KEY, and is expected to go live on March 23-25 for KEY token payment.

March 16th, 2022

All Users

The withdrawal of coins will cost a small fee.

The start time for withdrawing coins is 2022.3.16 8:00 GMT(Wed), and the withdrawable balance will be updated every week.

Unwithdrawn balance will be accumulated and can be withdrawn at once later.

March 8th, 2022

Parameter Description

  1. Token Initial Release Date: InitialReleaseDate = Dec-26-2021 + UTC, abbreviated as IRDate
  2. Token As of Release Date: LastReleaseDate = InitialReleaseDate + 3 Years, abbreviated as LRDate
  3. First airdrop date: AirdropStartDate = Mar-15-2022 ~ Mar-18-2022 + UTC, abbreviated as ASDate
  4. Airdrop ExecuteDate: AirdropExecuteDate, abbreviated as AEDate
  5. First airdrop era coin issuance total: AirdropStartDateTotalSupply, abbreviated as ASDTS
  6. AirdropExecuteDateTotalSupply: AirdropExecuteDateTotalSupply, abbreviated as AEDTS
  7. Number of tokens issued in the current cycle: CurrentPeriodSupply, abbreviated as CPS
  8. The number of tokens obtained by investors & team airdrop: I&TAvailableAmount, abbreviated as ITAA
  9. Airdrop period: P = 1 month

Address List

  1. Team address: 10% of the additional tokens are airdropped to the team address
  2. Investor Addresses.
    1. NFT card address set-NFTCardAddress: a total of 100 copies, the auctioned NFT will directly distribute the tokens to the holding address, and the non-auctioned ones will be stored uniformly in the INO collection address
    2. BidderAddress: count all bidding addresses, distribute airdrops according to the cumulative mechanism of the number of bids (because 100 NFT cards of INO have not been auctioned, the bid data is not complete, the first airdrop is not issued for the time being)
March 8th, 2022


SNS has been officially launched on December 26, 2021. For each SNS domain name registered, Linkkey contract will issue 150 additional KEY Token (ERC20 tokens), of which 50% will be allocated to the whole network users (meaning the addresses that have registered SNS domain names).

However, the 50% KEY Token is not currently allocated immediately (currently allocated at user-assigned addresses), but will need to wait until all 100 INO NFT cards have been sold before the airdrop allocation to users across the network will begin. We have previously announced to the public that we expect the airdrop (release) to begin in March 2022.

After taking suggestions from community members and core DAO members between December 2021 and February 2022, we have now clearly defined the details of the airdrop, and the airdrop start date has been set for March 15-18, 2022, and we have also fine-tuned the 50% community token distribution rule to incentivize new users to sign up.

March 8th, 2022


2021年12月26日SNS已正式上线,每注册一个SNS域名,Linkkey合约将增发150个KEY Token(ERC20代币),其中50%将分配给全网用户(指注册了SNS域名的地址)。

但目前该50%的KEY Token并非立即分配(目前分配在用户归集地址),而是需要等到100张INO NFT卡全部出售后,才会开始空投分配给全网用户。在此前我们对外公示预计开始空投(释放)时间为2022年3月。


March 8th, 2022


  1. 代币首次发行日期:InitialReleaseDate = Dec-26-2021 +UTC,简称IRDate
  2. 代币截至发行日期:LastReleaseDate = InitialReleaseDate + 3 Years,简称LRDate
  3. 首次空投日期:AirdropStartDate = Mar-15-2022 ~ Mar-18-2022 + UTC,简称ASDate
  4. 空投执行日期:AirdropExecuteDate,简称AEDate
  5. 首次空投时代币发行总量:AirdropStartDateTotalSupply,简称ASDTS
  6. 空投执行时代币发行总量:AirdropExecuteDateTotalSupply,简称AEDTS
  7. 当前周期发行的代币数量:CurrentPeriodSupply,简称CPS
  8. 投资人&团队空投获得的代币数量:I&TAvailableAmount,简称 ITAA
  9. 空投周期:P = 1 month


  1. 团队地址:增发代币的10%空投至团队地址
  2. 投资人地址:
  3. NFT卡地址集-NFTCardAddress:共100份,已拍卖的NFT直接将代币发放至持有地址,未拍卖的统一存放在归集地址
  4. 出价地址集-BidderAddress:统计所有出价地址,按照出价次数累计机制分发空投(因100张INO的NFT卡未拍卖完毕,出价数据暂不完整,首期空投暂不发放)
February 22nd, 2022

The SNS V1.2.4 release brings two feature updates. This article explains how to use it.

First, the entry for web3 name cards is placed by us on the domain details page:

As can be seen in the figure, we click the share icon, and a new page will pop up on the PC side. The page content is the WEB3 name card of the domain name you search: