VIP Soul Tribe Membership NFT - The Star
October 18th, 2022


I can’t believe that only 9 months ago I had minted my first music NFT. What an incredible, whirlwind of a journey it has been since. Back in February during the Tarotsings Music NFT Marathon, I really just wanted to experiment through challenging myself creatively to connect with true fans of the music. When I started selling my first 1/1 pieces and connecting with those collectors from all over the world, it became crystal clear that the power truly lies in the community. The power of true support and investment into the music and journey. The collective power of curious, talented individuals sharing a passion for art and impacting the world in a positive way.

I have learned more than I could ever imagine ever since I minted my first smart contract on Manifold. I’ve even learned from experiments that just weren’t meant to be. I have connected with individuals and communities that I admire and respect in such meaningful ways. Because of music NFTs, I discovered myself in a new role at Reveel, a Revenue Share Protocol Web3 Company, that feeds my passion of utilizing technology to make a positive impact and move the needle forward in the music industry specifically. Since my start, I have gone on to release multiple music NFTs across platforms like and

It’s only been less than a year, and I have performed around the world and have experienced opportunities that have really inspired the evolution of my ambitions in how I build a world where the music and community can prosper. Envision **The Astral Realm: **a dream state of mind, but you are awake. A place where music and consciousness connect humans from around the world at its core level. It constantly pushes you to confront yourself and real world truths in order to elevate and create a positive impact.

The Soul Tribe is currently made up of 61 unique holders. As we continue to grow, it is time for me to give thanks to each individual who has been by my side since day one.

The Star - VIP Soul Tribe Membership NFT

A token of gratitude to TAROT's early collectors & VIP NFT Membership in the Soul Tribe!

VIP Membership NFT into the Soul Tribe include:

-Direct access to TAROT

-Early Access Content/Music

-Free access to any TAROT live show/event

-Exclusive Merchandise Discounts

Why now, you ask? I have so many plans in the works when it comes to releasing new music, throwing IRL Soul Tribe experiences, and giving back, just around the corner.

In fact, The Star Card acts as a VIP access ticket to the first ever Soul Tribe NFT Art and Music Gallery Night in DTLA called The Astral Realm Experience - a night of live music, panels with leading web3 music visionaries, an NFT Art gallery, projector art installations, themed cocktails, a live auction that will go towards coral conservation efforts through The Coral Triangle Center Non Profit Organization, and of course pizza!

In collaboration with The Seker Factory DAO, we are bringing the Astral Realm to life for the entire music community to come together. Did I mention The Star Card also grants access to a VIP meet and greet open bar cocktail hour an hour before doors open? The event will take place on November 17, 2022. More details to come!

Artist Ethos & Soul Tribe Mission

My artist ethos is to experience life at the edge of resistance. To create music that acts as a mirror into the angles/perspectives that aren’t always easy to see. We are citizens of this beautiful Earth, and I feel called to explore new heights and deeper depths. To nurture and heal the planet through sound and connection. I want my music to connect people from all around the world just like the oceans connect us.

Art is a weapon, and I plan on embarking on my highest spiritual path to not only experience life at its fullest, but to translate the emotions that come with it through the music I create and share. I hope that the music I make, blazes a domino effect in creation. To inspire others to be brave and utilize our resources to make this world a better place for all. The Soul Tribe is a representation of visionaries coming together for a greater cause, connected by music.



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