Tarotsings February Music NFT Marathon White Paper
January 31st, 2022

Heyyyy guyysss ! May I introduce myself,

My name is TAROT & I am a 24 year old independent artist, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur ;) I’ve just now been getting into the web 3 space over the past few months and I have become extremely inspired by all the creatives and the passion behind the community. For the first time ever, I feel so confident in all my crazy ideas and I am so ready to bring em to life! Because of you guys, the idea of an entire month of a 1-1 music NFT every day lit a fire under me and made me recognize that I have the capability to break the bounds that only exist within. For the entire month of February I will be listing a Tarotsings minted music NFT up for auction on Zora every day at 12 PM noon CT!

Now I know what you’re thinking…28 songs in a month?! The thing is, aside from working on my debut independent album, writing to pitch for sync deals, AND writing personalized songs on Songfinch/Songlorious to pay my bills, whenever I have a lil free time I am in my room messing around on Logic and creating all these songs that are just for me and probably will never see the light of day! Soooo being the Sagattarius sun and Capricorn moon I am, I naturally made the decision to push myself even further by just jumping right in head first and challenge myself to grow as a producer, writer, & mixing engineer in the process. The music I am sharing with you is the most vulnerable part of who I am as a human being. Think of it as a diary written of songs essentially. There is no overthinking or strategy involved in the making of this music, just pure creative flow - exposing the most raw side of me as an artist. That way, I can build the most authentic relationships with my listeners/supporters and hopefully spark something in someone, beginning a domino effect of creativity! At the end of the day, I am doing the February Music NFT Marathon because I feel like my purpose is to create and help others - This is just the beginning of what the Tarotsings Astral Realm has in store & I couldn’t be more stoked to go on this journey together.

Stick around the Astral Realm and collect exclusive, unreleased songs written, produced, recorded, and mixed by me during the February Music NFT Marathon to gain a spot on the Tarotsings White List! Just like there are 26 miles in a marathon, there are 26 music NFTs up for grabs which can land you utilities around my upcoming album release, TAROT merchandise giveaways, a spot on the white list for the future Tarotsings individually hand designed 78 card collectible NFT Tarot Card Deck (more updates to follow), and exclusive access in the Tarotsings Discord server to behind the scenes content! Since there are 28 days in February, I am going the extra mile (wink wink) and giving away 2 free music NFTs this month! Follow @tarotsings on twitter to stay updated on each drop and fun giveaway opportunities/challenges for the collective <3

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