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October 28th, 2022

Last week, I airdropped all of my collectors The Star Card, a VIP Soul Tribe Membership NFT to express gratitude for being early supporters of the music and Soul Tribe community. My journey in web3 was started around the opportunity to connect directly with fans as the CEO of my music. Those who have supported my music through NFTs are a part of the journey - and it’s just the beginning. The power of music + technology + community has expanded my vision for what The Soul Tribe represents and can do to make a greater impact collectively. 

Read more about The Star:

Today I am opening up membership into the Soul Tribe through The Sun Card minted on a custom contract with the help of Vol Records!

777 Editions. 0 ETH. Max 7 per wallet. Minting open 10/28/22 - 11/28/22.

The Soul Tribe Membership NFT Tarot Cards act as an all access ticket into my token gated site 

In the Soul Tribe Portal you will find…

  • Unreleased demos

  • Direct access to TAROT

  • Tarot card forecast of the day 

  • BTS/exclusive content 

  • Soul Tribe event announcements 

IRL Utility 

In June, I had the privilege of performing an intimate token gated show at the wavWRLD event during NFT NYC. I was blown away by the love and magic that was shared in that room. I was able to see the utility of music NFTs come to life and it showed me that the true value lies in creating experiences for like-minded individuals to come together and connect on a level that goes beyond oneself. The Sun Card serves as a preferred access pass to anything from live shows, physical merchandise, events, and more. Experiences are the most valuable currency which is why I am excited to announce the very first IRL Soul Tribe event…The Astral Realm Experience - a night of music, entertainment, education, art, community, and giving back. 

The Astral Realm Experience 

The Astral Realm is like a dream state of mind, but you are awake. A place where music and consciousness connect humans from around the world at its core level. It constantly pushes you to confront yourself and real world truths in order to elevate and create a positive impact. 

On November 17, 2022, we are bringing the web3 community together for a night of live music, visual art installations, educational panels with leading web3 music innovators, Soul Tribe themed cocktails, pizza, and a live music NFT auction in Downtown LA! 

By minting The Sun Card, you are invited to attend an exclusive meet and greet open bar cocktail hour and hour before doors open.

This night is a special collaboration with the Seker Factory DAO, which is on the same mission of using web3 tech to empower creators like myself. They want to ensure that we have democratic access to many of the traditionally centralized tools in the creative arena, like galleries, A&R, distribution, curation, and more! Just like the Astral Realm is a space of spirit that is far larger than the material world, this DAO is a place for culture to live beyond the value extractors of the material world.

Using NFT’s to Make A Global Impact 

My mission is to utilize the technology at our hands to make a global impact, shared through music alongside The Soul Tribe. Music NFTs are just the catalyst for us to come together and pave a path to create positive change. Art is a weapon, and I plan on embarking on my highest spiritual path to not only experience life at its fullest, but to translate the emotions that come with it through the music I create and share. I want to accomplish the impossible and I believe that anything is possible when souls work together to uplift consciousness through the universal language of music.  

At The Astral Realm Experience, we will be auctioning off a special 1/1 Tarot Card 3D NFT and the proceeds will be donated towards 2 special social causes through Earth Wallet. Half of the funds raised will be distributed to The Coral Triangle Center, a nonprofit foundation based in Bali with a regional scope and global impact who work closely with local communities, private sector, governments, and partners to strengthen marine resource management in the Coral Triangle to protect coral reef ecosystems, ensure sustainable livelihoods, and food security. I had the privilege of interacting with and learning about the foundation on my trip to Bali in September, and planting my very own baby coral in the ocean! Protecting our oceans and marine life is a cause that I hold close to my heart, so it feels very aligned to have an opportunity to contribute towards ocean conservation efforts. A garden of baby coral will be planted in honor of The Soul Tribe! The second foundation will be determined by vote in The Soul Tribe community! This is a chance for the community to participate in our very first initiative together. 

My baby coral <3
My baby coral <3

Closing Thoughts

The Soul Tribe is an open home for all lovers of music, mindfulness & human connection.

Collect your free mint of The Sun Card to enter The Soul Tribe and let’s create the astral realm together! 


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