Our purpose:

Create high-quality and explanatory videos that guide non-tech and non-financially-literate people into understanding all fundamentals of blockchain technology; main uses, cryptoeconomics and provide them with the right knowledge and tools to help them navigate in the crypto-world safe. And create a community where we can share, discuss, and talk about crypto related stuff.


So, we are working on a project that aims at bringing education about the blockchain, web3.0 and Ethereum world. Expanding knowledge and allowing people to enter it, and we came with the idea to fund the project with a tool built in a blockchain, the mirror crowdfunding tool, so let me tell you more about our project!

About the project…

Main Idea:

We are creating a YouTube channel that explains blockchain/crypto/DeFi and related topics step by step:

  • In an easy-to-understand way for everyone, no prior knowledge required.
  • All the videos will be carefully structured by level of complexity and importance.
  • In spanish and further on, in more languages.

Why are we creating the channel?

There are four main reasons:

  • We firmly believe we can make a difference in the crypto space, helping people in their crypto journey by providing them with one of the most valuable resources available, structured knowledge and high quality explanations.
  • We see a LACK of high-quality and understandable-by-everyone explanations in the crypto space, since most crypto related Youtube channels are news/short-term focused.
  • We notice there is a hudge opportunity in the market, because there are not channels appropriately covering this topics and we know we can do a great job.
  • There is not even ONE of these type of channels in youtube in Spanish and neither in many languages, since this blockchain world is still “new” to most people and we notice a necessity of foreign-languages-speakers to get this hight quality content.

Who we want to become?

We want to be the main, most reliable, and informative Youtube channel in Spanish (and further on, in more languages) for unbiased explanations of blockchain, crypto and DeFi projects, and known for our quality content by providing great insights on the topics we cover. (We will never shill any project nor try to mislead our audience into any type of fraudulent or fake project. Staying completely unbiased and provide excellent information is one of our many values.)

Rewards and benefits of contributing to the project.

When this project succeeds, the revenue from youtube, sponsors and patreon/private group will skyrocket, the possible profit from this is in the thousands per month and we offer you a stake in the project’s profits + other rewards over time.

  • 20% of net profits will be distributed across $EDUCATION4ALL token holders, proportionally to their share and in the form of USDC, providing a passive income to the contributors of the projects (this will be done as soon as the project starts to be profitable and it will be a monthly distribution)
  • Backers of the project will be able to vote on further important decisions, such as what languages to expand to, and other business decisions when the project expands beyond just a channel in spanish and starts to plan for bigger things.
  • Backers will be able to access every feature/membership, or benefit that our team will develop.
  • Backers will be supporting a project that helps the whole community and contribute to the adoption of this technology that will change the world.
  • You will have our complete gratefulness for making this project become a reality, thank you!

About the channel.

The channel name is “Cryptoversidad”, which means Cryptoversity in Spanish, here is our logo.

Youtube link: To see our Youtube channel, click HERE.

Discord link: To get into our Discord channel, click HERE. (Feel free to hit me up, I’m down for all questions or just chatting about crypto!)

Twitter link: To see our official twitter account, click HERE. (You can also reach us out through here)

First videos

We have already made the trailer video and a first pilot video (talking about what money is and how it works), click HERE to watch the trailer and HERE to watch the video about money. (English subtitles available)

Video plans and structure.

We designed the learning structure for our channel to be an easy-path for everyone and be able to get people from 0 to hero in blockchain understanding. Here are the topics of the videos, in order and divided by sections. (We divided them into 2 levels, and each level in sections represented by the letters. Each bullet point is a video) (this list is not definitive but it will be our guide for creating videos.)

Channel goals:

  • Short-term (4 months): Reach 5,000 subscribers, 500 discord members and have +15 videos already uploaded.
  • Medium-term (10 months): Reach 15,000 subscribers, 800 discord members and have +40 videos uploaded, get monetized by youtube and have an active course or patreon membership.
  • Long-term (18 months): Reach +50,000 subscribers, +3,000 discord members have +80 videos uploaded, make an income stream from youtube ads, course/patreon, and be sponsored by a third-party.

An important goal: Develop a paid club/content/mentoring for people who want to take their understanding and interaction with the ecosystem to the next level, providing specific in-depth tutorials, project analysis, weekly news ,portfolio updates, question answering and one-to-one consultations. (This will make the project highly profitable +ads from youtube views and sponsors)

How will be money be used?

Creating a YouTube channel requires a lot of time, services and many resources that are paid, we want to be able to deliver and create the best quality content and for this, our team needs to dedicate almost full-time and acquire some tools that we cannot afford without the money raised by the crowdfund, this is the main reason we are raising the money.

  • Team: Animator, editor, graphic designer, social media manager, and any further people needed. (as the project grows, there will be more people involved in it)
  • Software for creating, editing and producing videos.

When we hit our fundraising goal, the money will allow the team to adequately and efficiently produce and publish quality content for a whole year, expectantly reaching most of our goals and making it possible for the channel to become a sustainable and rewarding long-term (years) project by itself and we will start to expand and produce more content, in more languages, for more people and we could really become the #1 crypto channel for education for no-english speakers.

This is exciting!

Our team is stoked to work on the project, it is interesting, challenging, fun, it contributes to the space, it will help many people and we are passionate about it.

We believe that the project has a massive success, and we will make everything we can to make this project succeed and if you found that we can really add value to the community, it’d be great if you contribute to it!


The crypto space is furiously rapidly evolving and with each year getting more adoption, and the efforts of the community help more people every day, providing us with an alternative option to the system, and while blockchain education is kinda catching up, there is still a lot of way to go, and specially in foreign-languages. We want to contribute in our way, expanding the reach of blockchain education to all the community and we need resources for it, the time, energy, and attitude is already here, and with the help of this crowdfunding, hopefully, the money will be available as well. Thanks for taking the time and if you contributed, thanks for making a difference, we promise WAGMI.