WorldVote - WorldCoin - ETH Global Paris hackathon project

Showcase on the official website:

Cannot update the submission anymore:

Otherwise I would provide a new video:

I wish I recorded the presentation to the judges - the in person demo was really good.

I wish the overal hackathon submission was better - I was never good at filling the forms and ended up not winning anything other than WorldCoin pool prize.


How this project relates to Planetary Council?

We need to know what people think.

We need to know what the their preferences.

These days: no trust in media, no trust in government.

To have independent, verified, trustworthy data: genuine help.

Diversity (and inclusivity) as competetive advantage

Currently WorldCoin users are mostly technoptimists and early adopters.

I always see diversity as competetive advantage, that’s why offered recording a selfie video as a way of ensuring truthfullness.

Should we continue to work on this project?

I was encouraged by the WorldCoin team: “it’s a great use case”

Maybe there is a chance to obtain developer grant?

That would be really nice… Let’s do it, no harm asking :)

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