2024 MIT Sustainability Summit: Systems Change

Highlight from the event: MARKET FAILURE

We fully support “Great Reset” on energy prices and agricultural subsidies. The meat prices are artificially too low, therefore no incentive to change, the signal from individual customers takes forever, especially if odds are stacked towards “status quo”.

Now the only question remains: gradual change or SHOCK THERAPY? Overnight change aka “Great Reset” will leave many in a limbo, so maybe 5 years plan that sets the deadline and establishes goal posts year by year: 80% 60% 40% 20% linear function might be easier to understand, although we all know the progress is not linear, it’s exponential, especially in the age of AI.

More interesting pieces of content posted by Mars:

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by Lucian Tarnowski

The plan 🌱

Upgrade to default business model. New definition of value. Anything that profits from lack / scarcity / suffering is scraped. Abundance of food, water, energy, housing, education, healthcare. In this new system, avoiding human suffering has value. Therefore there is a clear incentive to resolve opioid epidemics among other 2024 pressing issues.

Even the billionaires of the old system agree, it's more fun when everyone around is prosperous, crime is v/rtually non-existent, people pursuing their passions as opposed to mindless jobs just to get by. Work becomes a pleasure rather than necessity.

Some market for luxury goods (scarcity) still exists but since everyone lives in prosperity - less mental health issues - no need to play status games. The new flex is how much good have you accomplished. From Forbes Richest List to "Most Impactful"

My role 👽

Tracking externalities + changing defaults = big systematic shift

Two super simple ideas.

1️⃣ Improved labels. Tracking scope 1, scope 2, scope 3 emissions across the supply chain. Full impact, full real cost of the products, goods, services.

2️⃣ Changing defaults. Currently: default is 🐄 milk, oat / coconut / soya is often $0.50 more expenesive. Make the 🌱 versions default. I'm wonder how many customers would notice change in flavour. Anyone direct line to CEO of StarBucks or McDonalds?

I wish I took more leadership during the faciliated sessions. I feel strongly that these are simple, actionable, realistic, ready to implement right now. And yet I've offered space to others and didn't have chance to shine :)

About the transport: not freighting empty carriege. 40% is air. About the food: eliminate waste. 40% is waste, ridicilous, think about all the land and resources to grow it! About the crops: grow food for humans, not animals, we need arable land for carbon based solutions. Yet the biggest CO2 drawdown happens through phytoplankton - we need to restore healthy balance in the oceans. I suggest mixing sea water, check this TED talk: https://youtu.be/GHmkuv69PQE&t=194 (staring 3m14s)

Without marine ecosystems many people will die, they are dying already. BIG SYSTEMATIC SHIFT and responsible geoengineering, no downside to mixing sea water, hurricanes will have less heat.

Did you know about FAO, CGIAR, alfaalfa and water use?

Created a visual board and recorded 3m55s video, explaining my research and thinking process: https://youtu.be/d4u7ibMLMTA

The other day I was researching "food for humans" VS "animal feed". This article not pass my BS filter, it instantly raised many 🚩🚩🚩 https://www.cgiar.org/news-events/news/fao-sets-the-record-straight-86-of-livestock-feed-is-inedible-by-humans/

It might be factually-ish correct, but it completely misses the point: we grow loads of stuff specifically for animals.

Loads of interconnected points (metacrisis comes to mind) in the video, hope you enjoy the form factor, not that easy to explain in just writing. Link to the board if you want to "choose your own adventure": https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVKQa05_s=/?share_link_id=664110967302

Radical change is possible 💯💯💯

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