The simplest explanation

0️⃣ Belief

It all starts from the belief that the radical change is possible.

1️⃣ Timing

The world is ready for the peaceful (r)evolution.

Check this 5 minutes talk:

2️⃣ Methodology: Dance. Rave. Party. Occupy.

Less in the head, more in the body.

Release the energy.

See this drum & bass bike ride from London:

Also in the theme of having a party in various different places:

I was searching for “rave revolution” and it already happened in 🇬🇪Georgia, here is a short edit from a longer documentary by BBC:


(consistent pressure on the government, not just an one-off march and then go home)

London has enough demand for nightlife to sustain the party 24/7 for as long as it takes. Other major cities should join too.

4️⃣ Coordination

That’s the tricky part.

Principles of decentralised movement but Mars the leader “figure head” firestarter?

Also “diversity of tactics”, someone stepping into the leadership role.

I have audacity, capacity, to pull if off.

Probably the best dates out there:

  • 4/20

  • 21.04

  • 22.04 (Earth Day)

5️⃣ Determination (party till we win)

Going all the way.

I was the last man standing, prepared to go all the way

Note that I wasn’t at pro-Palestine march (as described by the media), I was at the pro-PEACE and pro-HUMANITY march.

6️⃣ Gamification

This will need some improvement (meme gemes)


Borderline believable.

I have the belief that radical change is possible and the trick is to onboard more people.

The world is so ready for change!

7️⃣ Next steps

Beyond politics. Decide together. Citizens’ assemblies.

Or follow one of the existing playbooks:

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