Singularity Activation

SUMMARY: These are the current options how to unite humanity:

  1. Peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia

  2. Big Tech CEOs

  3. Alien invastion (keep hearing about it more and more)

  4. Elon Musk + Mr Beast + Daniel Schmachtenberger

  5. Celebrities + Messi + Christiano Ronaldo + Lady Gaga + many more…

Radical change is easier than nuanced negotiation, especially when you describe the importance of situation.

UPDATE: There is also another option… 5th of November.


UPDATE: The proposal was rejeced from Chaos Communication Camp



Activating singularity through a massive newsworthy event. CCCAMP becoming the ground zero. 18:08 on 18.08


Our goal is to unite humanity.

8 billion people on the planet.

How would you activate singularity?

Peace deal between Ukraine and Russia.

  • Elon, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg joining the call

  • Google, Facebook, Twitter changing the homepage - no need for alien invasion.

  • On top of that - pardon to Assange, Snowden, Ulbricht - we can invite US presidents to the party as well - Biden, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush.

  • And some footballers - Ronaldo, Messi, etc..

  • Musicians - Lady Gada, Madonna, Rolling Stones, etc...

  • Actors - Brad Pitt, Johny Deep, George Clooney, Arnold, etc..

Together we can accomplish it 💪


I'm submitting this talk to all the stages to multiply the effect. 18:08 on 18.08 looks a decent date. Would be great if it was visually reflected on the lineup - a line across all the stages: "Singularity Activation"



It all starts from the belief.

At the same time, in the spirit of preserving energy, Planetary Council does not have enough brand and reputation to pull it off.

It is possible in theory, but the energy invested towards (new definition of value) seems like a more impactful way to go…

Software platform can scale infinitely and build a momentum easier than social movement.

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