Genki a Web 3.0 community on-ramp platform

お元気ですか (How are you Genk?)


Crypto and blockchain adoption has been on a rapid rise since the year 2020. We are preparing for the next big wave of 1 billion new crypto users, which will mean more room for creativity and productivity in the space.

The questions now are:

“Where will these users come from?” 

“What can we learn about these users?” 

“How will these users navigate the space?”

Blockchain technology reshapes the traditional system’s structures, with Web 3.0:

  • Users login with decentralized wallets
  • Users own their assets
  • Users interact with applications in a trustless way

Applications themselves are already experiencing this paradigm shift. However, the infrastructure for marketing and community has not caught up yet. 

There is a chasm between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and projects don’t have the tools to evaluate on-chain traffic. The industry doesn’t have comprehensive metrics to evaluate the contribution of different channels. 

This causes a lot of time and budget to be wasted on mis-matched processes.

Transparent on-chain relationships change the rules for data ownership and unlock new combinations of marketing opportunities. We believe this will lead to the birth of native Web 3.0 marketing methods.


Genki is a Web 3.0 community on-ramp platform where blockchain projects, channels, users and validators can build new connections in a trustless way.

Genki helps content creators, influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to navigate their audience toward valuable experiences, in a decentralized way. 

Through performing simple social tasks and offering on-chain quests where the users can earn in the process, Genki is able to benefit projects, content creators, influencers and their audiences.

Through Genki collating accurate data for each influencer and user’s on-chain profiles, projects can save time and cut down the cost of searching for valuable influencers and engaged users. 

Projects can then go one step further by launching marketing and community quests via Genki to target those engaged on-chain users.

What Can Users Gain?

Users would be able to explore new projects at their early phase, existing and booming projects of various sectors in the crypto space such as DeFI, GameFi, DAOs and so much more. Learn and earn, collect NFTs and increase your rank by completing quests on Genki.


To achieve our vision of decentralized protocol, we divide Genki into 3 stages

Stage 1: GenkiBox - Web 2.0 quests + Web 3.0 quests

Genki provides projects with a one-stop station to deploy their marketing and community campaigns. It’s the first ever tool that can support social media quests and on-chain quests at the same time. 

Through Genki, projects can evaluate a completed user journey starting from social media to interacting directly with the Dapps. 

Beside this, Genki will provide features that reduce the impact of low value interactions. For example a Spam/Airdrop hunter filter, that will further help projects to reward the right users and achieve long-term growth.

Stage 2: Genki Matching Platform

Continuing on from the cornerstone of Stage 1, we will expand the service to include twitter and youtube influencers. 

On our Matching Platform, we help KOLs secure marketing deals and record their referral behaviors as future on-chain credentials. On the other hand, projects benefit from the platform by browsing on-chain tracking records of different influencers/traffic channels. For example: A DeFi project can quickly choose channels with DeFi tags and know what this channel has done before.

Genki will become the largest crypto matching platform which will help projects and channels save time and have a win-win relationship.

Stage 3: Fully decentralized Genki

After Stage 1 and Stage 2, Genki will have cemented its relationships with projects, channels and users. Plus, there will be a lot of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 quests integrated on the platform. 

Based on this, it will be the right time to push this network effect even further. All existing partners will be able to become Genki stakeholders for the launch of a fully decentralized protocol.

The amazing part of this decentralization is that:

  • Genki’s Transparency will enable projects to match with channels in a trustless way: the connections are scalable in that every component will be based on public smart contracts. 
  • Genki’s Quest deployment, channel registration, quest verification to reward distribution can be automated
  • Genki’s composability will allow other projects to leverage existing quest or on-chain relationships to build their campaigns.

We believe Web 3.0 will change the marketing world. An open network can bring more efficient matching, and return the value of data to every participant.

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