9 Tips to Hype Your Web3 Project

After many months of development and preparations, now it’s time to share with the world your most precious gem. Your product. But the world, especially the Internet, is overwhelmed by communications noise. Year by year is getting harder to reach potential customers, despite the most advanced targeting ads. A few years ago there were several hundred products or services with their tokens on the exchanges. Now it’s more than 13 000. And how many are still in the same stage of development as your product? Simply, it’s getting more difficult. But no worries, there are some timeless principles, which help you reach the goal.

  1. Plan product launch
    Why it is so important to have a detailed plan for a product launch? Mainly, for your safety (both financially and psychologically) and to be able to measure your progress and change the tactics, if necessary, in proper time. Remember that, the plan is something like a map, which helps you reach the destination. And if something is wrong, you can simply change the road, but the reaching point and your vehicle are the same.

    There’s no one ideal solution to planning. Use the simple and most useful methods. Make sure that your plan is divided into stages, is transparent and understandable by all of your team members. Don’t be afraid to use the S.M.A.R.T. method, to reach the checkpoints. It’s a simple, yet powerful method.

  2. **Identify your market segment
    **Before you start anything, like buying ads, hiring a Social Media Manager, or putting your first exciting news on social media, sit down or lay down, whatever. Think about your potential customer. Who is that person? If it’s a wider group, what they like, where they are spending time on the Internet, how do they behave? You have to collect as much information as possible to create deep marketing personas. You can have one group of personas divided by many persons or you have many groups. Depends on what best fits you. The most important thing in marketing is to know your customer. Because if you would like to sell your product or services to people you don’t know, you will fail.

    The most important thing in marketing is to know your customer.

    After this hardworking task, your perception will be much wider. In this way, you will know what age groups your clients are in, their preferences, favorite social media platforms, how they spend their free time, how much savings they have, what countries they come from, where they obtain information on which they build their views. All of this has mattered. Why? Because the more you know, the simpler and more directed message you can create and then, deliver to your potential audience.

  3. **Clear communication
    **Everyone knows Apple. Their ascetic approach to communication and visuals. Each slogan or ad is perfectly crafted. And we know that any additional word or graphic will destroy the whole concept. It’s not an easy job to build transparent and clear communication about tech products or services. But this is the path to victory. Focus on a customers’ need you can fulfill. Focus on emotions, feelings, security. Because, after all, this is all that matters. For example, if you would like to promote Bitcoin, how you are going to start? You can play with a high return on investment or you can play with satisfying the need to preserve the value of capital from inflation. Which is purely based on emotions. You are selling security. Your product gives security to potential customers.

    • Focus on meeting customers’ needs, instead of promoting new features of the service.
    • It’s not easy, but in the end, you will gonna thank me.
  4. Invite influencers on board
    The communication platforms, e.g. Twitter or YouTube play an extremely important role in passing the message from one place to another. The more people are trying to share their message, the bigger noise is appearing. Since bloggers are more centralized than ever (main thanks to social media platforms) in two-way communication, they are key elements of marketing tactics. Especially if we are talking about influencers, which have a huge impact on the opinion of the masses. Utilizing this leverage is a must in the current marketing approach.

    Still, cooperation with influencers needs a transparent and objective-oriented marketing strategy.

    • Do proper research - find the best ones
    • Select people which might boost your product in terms of awareness
    • Keep in mind that most of the influencers are still fully independent with their subjective opinions

    Also, you have to know what you would like to share and how. The communication through the influencers must be thoughtful. Treat influencers as another communication channel, when you have to take care of comments and responses.

    Cooperation with influencers is a really sensitive part of the marketing because you are working in most cases directly with target groups and you have direct contact with them through comments. A Public Relations strategy is a must, especially when you have to respond to criticism that applies not only to your product but also to the market. Your communication has to be consistent.

  5. **Inspire, teach, stimulate
    **Please, remember we are still in an early stage of web3 adoption and even defining. There is plenty of work to do, in terms of spreading the news, education, security, transparency, acceptation by governments and Internet users. Your project and your communication are part of the whole web3 world. It means that your communication, commitment to education, and simple honesty have a huge impact on the future of web3. And you have to remember that. You create a place where your children will be every day. This point of view can change the whole approach to communication.

    • If you would like to invite people to web3, give them free educational resources.
    • If you would like to invite the younger generation, create something funny and playable, to engage and educate at the same time.
    • If you would like to be recognizable, inspire everyone to do great things, as you did, for the Internet’s future.
  6. Create something big from your launch
    First, a great impression can be done only once. If you miss it or screw up, then… Let’s think that this scenario will not happen.

    Do you remember how Apple is presenting its products during WWDC? If not, check the YouTube, interviews with Steve Jobs about marketing and sales strategy. Pick up the cherries from the video. There are plenty and unique tips, on how and why you should do a big launch of your product.

  7. Drop culture
    Why not create a little bit of FOMO when you are going to launch your product with some exclusive stuff? Drop culture is known around the world, especially in the consumer industry, where people are waiting in long, long lines to have a chance to a bought limited edition of new Nike or Supreme products.

    Think about what you can give to the audience, which is exclusive and high quality and it’s related to your product or service. You are creating a supply. Must be rare and very limited.

    If you connect it to some activities related to increasing brand awareness, then… boom!

    For those, who would like to read more about the scarcity principle, here is the link:


  8. Airdrops
    Yes, it’s very popular. Yes, almost all startups are doing it. Yes, it’s a low-level type of activity. But, it’s working. The more sophisticated the airdrop is, the more chances you have to go wide. Think, about how you can use airdrops to utilize them to help you to create hype around the project.

  9. Branded hashtag
    A few years ago, finally, the hashtags goes to the mainstream. Mainly thanks to social media platforms. Because of that, we know what is working, and what is not. We know people's behavior behind the hashtags. It’s a pretty useful tool if it is used wisely.

    You can go in both directions. One focused on hashing your brand. Which is obvious and natural. This can help people to look for interesting communication and conversation through social media platforms. Second, is more sophisticated and demands more creative thinking. The easiest way to attract people is to give them something, which is playful and engaging. Creating a hashtag, which is connected to your project, but not in a direct way, can create great hype around, especially when you plan it smart as Oreo did with #OreoHorrorStories. For more, check this article:


Final thoughts

  • Be responsible and truthful when you spread the message to the world.
  • Think about this in long-term value rather than short-term.
  • Plan in detail, execute and measure, as much as you can. After all, you will know what is best performing and what is not, and you can smoothly move the budgets from one space to another.
  • Play with marketing, treat it like playing LEGO during your childhood, rather than managing your finances when you had to pay students debt.
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