ClassZZ: Universal Cross Chain Compatibility

Due to the independence between blockchains, it is tough for asset exchange to be complete between different blockchains. This implied that different blockchain main nets could not leverage the advantages or benefits of another blockchain. The different blockchain main nets are unable to communicate with each other. For this challenge to be combated, the concept of cross chain technology as well as multi cross chain technology was developed. This concept led to concepts like cross-chain transactions and blockchain interoperability.

From this point, different blockchain main nets could interact with each other and exchanges could be made on them. Digital assets and tokens could be exchanged between the blockchain main nets in a decentralized ecosystem and without centralized authorities. This encouraged trust and data immutability.

ClassZZ blockchain main net presents to you a platform that ensures cross-chain transactions. ClassZZ is an excellent example of a blockchain project trying to explore cross-chain transactions. The aim is to make it possible for individuals to exchange native tokens and digital assets freely across different blockchains. The individual who makes the transaction to send out an asset to a particular must have the asset under his ownership before initiating the transaction. This forms the foundation of ClassZZ cross-chain transactions.

By using the Te Waka protocol that supports cross-chain transactions, ClassZZ is able to support message and transaction transmission between chains to ensure a free flow of communication. The Te Waka protocol is designed and presented as the first decentralized cross chain protocol for native tokens.

When we talk of cross-chain compatibility, we imply that clients can make transactions on any kind of blockchain to exchange tokens. With ClassZZ main net, universal cross chain compatibility is made possible. Several blockchains for different purposes exist and despite the huge potentials of these blockchains, their optimal leveraging power cannot be fully explored when cross-chain compatibility is not supported.

Generally, it has been proven that cross-chain compatibility can be achieved when it comes to blockchain technology. Once this potential is harnessed, cross-chain transactions become easier. The aim is to make it possible for blockchains to interact and share communication, information, and transactions between each other freely in a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized manner.

ClassZZ main net was designed with the principle of blockchain interoperability in mind. Native tokens are made possible to be exchanged and transacted upon on the main net. With this in mind, the design of ClassZZ was set up to accommodate other chains. Test linkages will be effected as a chain gets signed up to ensure that cross-chain transactions are properly safeguarded and traceable on the ClassZZ blockchain.

Optimization of each blockchain will be enhanced when integrated into ClassZZ so that other chains can enjoy the full complement of cross-chain functionalities.

This is what Universal cross chain compatibility means.

ClassZZ main net is designed to recognize the ability of multiple cross-chain transactions to share existing capacities and resources. Improvement to the efficiency of the cross-chain transactions for the ClassZZ main net comes from the acknowledgment of the low throughput of the PoW main net. The type of transactions processed by the Te Waka protocol and the validity of input is confirmed on other blockchains ensuring that the validity of a cross-chain transaction does not depend on the finality of past transactions on the CZZ main net.

Further improvement is reflected in creating a special sharded blockchain for unbounded scalability with the process of cross-chain transactions. The parallel nature of cross-chain transactions means that the ClassZZ main net can simply increase the number of shards to provide for better throughput. This makes ClassZZ to be the first blockchain network to have unbounded scalability.

Universal cross chain compatibility cannot be fully said of the ClassZZ main net without making reference to the universality of the Te Waka Protocol which is designed to be able to connect all smart contracts enabled blockchains, unlike bridge protocols that only connect two chains at a time. ClassZZ is able to connect several other blockchains at a time so long as they have compatible features.

The capabilities designed into ClassZZ make room for the ability of native tokens to be exchanged without users depositing their native tokens to a published address, in exchange for mapped tokens of another blockchain. With ClassZZ, direct exchanges of native tokens can be made across multiple chains directly without using a published address.

ClassZZ and Universal Cross Chain Compatibility

ClassZZ is built to enable one blockchain to communicate with another one regardless of their description as private or public. Private to private blockchains or public to public blockchains would be able to interact with each other as well as private to public blockchains.

This shows no restrictions with the blockchains interacting. It ensures that the different blockchain enjoys a seamless interaction.

The ClassZZ main net according to achieving universal cross chain compatibility ensures that the transactions and exchanges of digital assets and native tokens are complete. Irrespective of the different chains involved, the order of transactions remains the same without disrupting protocols. When a transaction originates within a chain, the support system for validating the transaction exists as an internal process. When a third-party chain is involved, the process is extended to ensure that the destination chain’s checks and approvals are provided and authenticated.

What is most important in every transaction is to ensure that the pathway is clearly defined, the authorization is clear cut, and the outcome is traceable according to pre-defined parameters.

In conclusion, to make it possible for native tokens to be transacted across different chains to properly enable blockchain interoperability, the design of ClassZZ was made such that blockchains can communicate seamlessly.

The advantage for the creators of the ClassZZ main net and the users is reflected in the use cases of the ClassZZ main net. Enabling universal cross-chain compatibility on the ClassZZ main net will broaden the use case and the reach irrespective of what blockchain they are based on.

The advantages of this aspect of the blockchain technology that seemed farfetched but are now achievable are vast and ClassZZ seeks to incorporate it to ensure seamless cross-chain transactions between blockchains.

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