ClassZZ: Enhancing Inter-blockchain Interactions

The rapid emergence and growth of blockchain technology have created a huge number of decentralized applications and platforms. However, the majority of these networks are operating in a separate environment, which limits the scalability and connectivity of the networks.

Due to the limited connectivity of blockchain networks, the current state of the blockchain industry is characterized by the lack of trust between its various members. Researchers and developers are now focusing on developing a strategy to improve the interoperability of blockchain platforms.

Interoperability is a process that enables various blockchain networks to communicate with each other, which significantly increases the connectivity of the networks. Many researchers, creators and developers are working on developing a cross-chain communication solution that can solve these issues.

Advancements in blockchain technology keep getting better with time and applications. The blockchain technology industry is experiencing a revolution of developments and community engagements. Interoperability of blockchains has been understood to make it easy for blockchain main nets to communicate with each other without interferences from third parties. This has led to the concept known as Inter Blockchain Interactions. 

Inter blockchain interactions are an open‐source protocol necessary for relaying messages between independently distributed ledgers. It was created to connect independent blockchains to one another.

Given the potential of blockchain interoperability and cross blockchain communication and interactions, many researchers, creators and developers in the blockchain technology field are working on finding the optimal cross blockchain communication solution.

One thing to note when it comes to blockchain technology is that the ability of blockchains to interact, communicate and talk to each other is very important. With the aid of the protocol the different blockchain main nets are able to exchange digital assets and leverage their data packets.

The creators and developers of the ClassZZ main nets are saddled with the vision to take blockchain technology to the top by eliminating the different barriers users of the technology experience. Thus, this has necessitated a need to enhance inter blockchain interactions. 

With ClassZZ, connected blockchains do not only need to communicate with each other directly. They rather are able to send packets of information through dedicated channels using smart contracts to connect to the chains. 

By seeking to enhance inter blockchain interactions, ClassZZ permits different and heterogeneous chains to trustlessly communicate with each other and exchange value, particularly tokens, which makes them interoperable. For independent blockchains to communicate with each other trustlessly, a protocol is necessary for the main net to work. 

ClassZZ and how it enhances inter blockchain interactions

ClassZZ main net aims to usher in a new era of blockchain globalization. When it comes to blockchains, there has been the existing challenge of blockchains to interact and exchange tokens with each other. This is where the creators of ClassZZ main net stepped in to create a solution where blockchains can exchange data in a secure manner with each other. 

It is what enables different chains to communicate with each other. To achieve this, there is a need for a blockchain protocol to come into existence. This is where the Te Waka protocol because more useful. The need to closely knit blockchains together as a growing community and not allow them stand individually, it is necessary for inter blockchain interactions to take place.

Users of the blockchain main net can take data from one chain and use it on the other. For ClassZZ, users are able to transfer native tokens from one address to another without having to deposit it to a published address in exchange for a mapped token of another blockchain. Under the Te Waka protocol, inter blockchain transactions inputs are already settled on another blockchain. Hence, the transaction themselves can be settled in a highly parallel manner. Through a clever use of sharding and the Te Waka protocol, we present the capsule protocol which would allow the Class ZZ main net to achieve unbounded scalability. This will enable Te Waka to process cross chain transaction between high throughput networks like Ethereum layer 2 with plenty of room for redundancy.

The Te Waka protocol, in this case, would be described as an inter-blockchain interaction protocol. It is a reliable and secure inter module communication protocol, which is deterministic and runs on independent machines including replicated state machines. It will serve as a standard for interactions between blockchains.

The developers of ClassZZ main net have been able to build the technology to introduce inter blockchain interactions over a period of time to demonstrate its correctness, ensure its security and immutability. 

A key feature of ClassZZ main net inter blockchain interactions is that the connected blockchains do not need to communicate with each other directly. Instead, they are able to send packets of information from dedicated channels, which use smart contract modules that include a light client for trustlessly verifying that the state sent by the other blockchain is valid. The trustless and permissionless nature of ClassZZ main net inter blockchain interactions means that any party can operate a relayer and the participating blockchains do not need to trust the parties that transfer the information.

Once blockchains interact with each other, series of transactions take place where each transaction contains information and proofs of the state of the other chain. This interaction serves to allow the different blockchains to authenticate each other, ensure they are using the correct identifiers, and prepare to send and receive packets safely. 

Once the interaction occurs, data packets can be relayed between the chains through transactions packets which contain serialized data. The data could be anything from a smart contract function execution to a token transfer. 

This opens up a wide range of usage and functions for the future of blockchains. With inter blockchain interactions, ClassZZ main net developers have built a wide range of cross chain applications which includes native token transfers, atomic swaps, multi-chain smart contracts and data and code sharding of various kinds.

To conclude, inter blockchain interactions holds so many benefits for the blockchain technology world. ClassZZ is an interoperable blockchain which has unbounded scalability and operates using the Te Waka protocol which is a cross chain protocol for native tokens. The features and qualities of this protocol gives a boost in enhancing inter blockchain interactions in a completely trustless, permissionless and decentralized manner.

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