New protocols to look out for: Q2 2022

These protocols may not launch in Q2, it is more about the timeline in which they were announced.

Most of them do not have a token/dapp yet, so I just turn on notifications and wait to try them out for possible retroactive rewards/a chance to invest in their presales.

If you are deep into the space you might have heard of most of them before already.

I highlight these below, with a brief summary and relevant links. Enjoy!

1) Retrograde

Retrograde aims to be the Convex model in the Terra ecosystem by supercharging yields on yield based assets.

They are looking to raise on 2nd May 2022 using a two stage launch to compete with other projects like Reactor and Apollo in the upcoming Astro Wars.

2) Alkimiya

Below is a good thread on what Alkimiya does, its the next DeFi innovation that much smarter minds than me are super excited about. They have launched on AVAX mainnet but no token announced yet so you might want to test it out.

3) Rysk

Rysk allows DeFi investors to access better yields that are uncorrelated with the movements of the market. No dapp/token yet.

4) Panoptic

“A perpetual, oracle-free options protocol”. No token or any project/discord yet but the whitepaper is on their website.

5) Aura Finance

Aura Finance announced their arrival into the space through a governance proposal on Balancer forums 2 weeks ago. They are aiming to be the Convex model for veBAL. You can view their proposal on Balancer forums below.

I am also excited to see who will step up to be the CVX for veYFI which may be coming soon.

6) Astaria

By ex CTO of Sushi, Joseph, no discord/any news about what it is yet.

7) Valorem

Permissionless physically settled options, on any ERC20 token on Harmony. You can sign up for their testnet in Discord, which may have retroactive rewards.

8) Koba Finance

KOBA is an all-inclusive crypto investment management platform built on Solana. No project/token yet, developers still building.

9) SearchOnDora

Off chain explorer, no dapp/token/discord yet.

10) Octav_Fi

Portfolio management system backed by Maki and other well known people. No dapp/token yet.

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