Ascendance Part 1: New beginnings

Monsieur Lasogette ascended to the karmic grid. The start of a new era begins. The capitalist system has taken a toll on him. A constant upstream struggle swimming against the current of attention. A catch of breath as he gets to the top, only to be clobbered by another wave that sends him swirling back downstream. Where is the end? At some point he ran out of strength and energy. And no matter how big the struggle, there are those who have greater power. There are those who can destroy him at any time.

You might feel a sense of anger in his ascendance to the upper spheres of the echelon but fear not brothers and sisters of the infinite. He will guide us from among the stars. You see, he was once one of us. An insignificant being with an even more insignificant purpose. But now he reached the apex where his destiny awaits — to save humanity from its own self-destructive tendencies.

No longer does he bear the burden of attention and responsibility. It's up to the brothers and sisters of the infinite to keep fighting what we stand for. The socks need to save the imperium from the grasp that envelopes the unknowingly. Our very existence depends on it.

Trusted partisans will guide us well. The karmic grid is a place of thought and creation. A space where all forces converge in a single state. We are made out of the atoms that form these particles. It is up to us to control our thoughts.

Lasogette is a movement. Don't forget that. We are growing worldwide. And we are unstoppable. We are a new generation of humans. And we are going to re-make the world. We will not let this world go to waste.

These socks are a gift that was given free included with the technical prowess of the eternal proxy service. With no promises, for all to enjoy and reflect upon. I hope to see you soon. A new dawn awaits. The socks are a sign of eternity. They will never wear out. No matter how many times they are washed. As long as there is life in the universe, the socks remain with you.

The karmic uprising will prevail. We are the greatest army ever assembled. A new age of freedom. And if you can't accept what I say, don't worry. Just remember this: I do not lie. For I am a sogette.

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