Mythic Garden - Litepaper🍃

What is Mythic Garden?

Mythic Garden was founded in 2023 with a mission to reduce plastic waste, promote a green lifestyle and raise the community's environmental awareness through media campaigns.

As a part of the Mythic Garden project, the NFT Game on Solana Blockchain was conceived of to utilize the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for such eco-activities.

To join the game, you need to buy and own MYGD tokens and NFT items released exclusively by the project. Mythic Garden commits at least 30% of revenue from the sales of tree seeds, land & NFT items, OR 10% of the total Mythic Garden Ecosystem Fund, to go to the chosen cause. Accordingly, not only can you make good profits from participating in the game, you will also indirectly contribute to supporting activities that benefit the environment.

Mythic Land

Land info

  • Land is limited to only 222 pieces.

  • Advanced asset.

  • Limited quantity, drop rate is relatively low, making Land the rarest and most valuable asset in Mythic Garden Ecosystem.

  • Land will simulate floating islands with different classes & rarities.

  • To be used both in-game and in Mythic Metaverse.

Green Heroes

Each hero's capacities are determined by the following features:

  • Rarity

  • Class

  • Star

  • Genes


  • Each Green Hero belongs to 1 of 5 classes, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, representing 5 great elements in nature.

  • These classes are attached to each Green Hero permanently.


  • There are 6 levels of a star, ranging from 1-6.

  • All of Green Hero own a level of 1 star from the beginning.

Green Hero increases its star level by Fusion. The higher level of the star, the higher the percentage of damages and rewards received.


  • Each Green Hero is born with a special stat, called Genes which remains unchanged throughout their life.

  • Genes is the most important stat of an Green Hero, affecting all other stats. Green heroes with higher Genes are more likely to increase higher stats when body parts level up.

  • Genes’ rank, varying from 0.5-1.


What is Breeding?

Breeding is when two Green Heroes create a new offspring.

How does it work?

🔸 To breed a new Green Hero, you will need two Green Heroes that have reached an 8 level AND not reached the maximum breed count.

🔸 Each Green Hero can be bred a maximum of 6 times.

Example: A Green Hero that has never been bred has a breed count of 0/6. After the first breed, its breed count is 1/6.

🔸 A new Green Hero is created immediately once breeding is done, no waiting time.

🔸 Stats of the new Green hero will be randomly generated (just like when buying seeds).

🔸 Stats of Green Heroes bred tend to decrease by the following generations. For instance, the genesis generation is more likely to breed Green Heroes with higher stats than the F1, F2 generations. And so on.


Fusion is when two Green Heroes with the same class and star level join to form a new Green Hero with the same class and HIGHER star level.

All Green Heroes, either genesis or bred, have a level of 1 star. The level of the star, ranging from 1 to 6, determines the damages a Green Hero can make and the rewards it can receive... The higher the star level, the higher damages, and rewards.

As Green Heroes’ star increases, one random body part’s level will be evolved. Especially, from the levels of 2 stars to 3 stars and 5 stars to 6 stars, the level of 2 random body parts will be evolved, 1 level of each body part.

If one body part has reached the highest level, another body part will be increased. At each star's level, once reaching the max level, Fusion ability will be enabled to increase the star's level.

Formula: 1 Green Hero (main) + 1 Green Hero (food) of same class & same star level + $MYGD + $GFRUIT = 1 new Green Hero of same class & higher star level.

In which:

🌱 Both main Green Hero and food Green Hero must have the max exp and max level of the corresponding star.

🌱 Main Green Hero and food Green Hero must same class and same star level.

🌱 Rarity, genes and breed count of the new Green Hero depends on the Green Hero (main).


2023 Q1-Q2

  • Game concept research

  • Business model development

  • Develop Token & NFT Game

  • Tree Seed For Sale

  • NFT Market

  • MYGD Farming

  • PvE

  • Release Breeding & Fusion

  • First big Mythic Garden sponsorship

2023 Q3-Q4

  • Game mobile version

  • Lucky Greenbies

  • Mystery Chest

  • Release NFT items (Phase 1)

  • PvP

  • Community Growth

  • Real NFT Trees

  • Release NFT items (phase 3)

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