January 29th, 2022

“PRAISE THE SUN” LP — now available for pre-order.

Endeavor 212 depicts the quest of an African space crew who have fled planet earth seeking life elsewhere after a dystopian episode that left humanity facing an unprecedented resource crisis.

During their journey, far away from earth's solar system in the deafening space silence, the starship has intercepted a recurring signal sourced from a planet marked “A3K“ on their system. Following their 24-month mission, the crew tracked the signal and decided to maneuver a landing in absolute urgency.

13-track album — Coming mid-2022

Emanating from an expression of delight and adoration, "PRAISE THE SUN" can be used as a universal answer to questions like ‘What to do?’ when there are no other solutions left.

Morocco which is my land of birth is called and is part of the "MAGHREB". In Arabic, the word "مغرب" is a term literally meaning "place of the setting of the sun", the word derives from the root "Ghuroob", meaning "to set" or "to be hidden". also employed as the metaphorical use "To be eclipsed". Eclipsed from musical releases, "PRAISE THE SUN" is a project that took almost two years to accomplish. Reflecting the times, recorded during periods of duress and uncertainty, “PTS” is a body of work conveying feelings of harmony, hope, love, and unity throughout 13 musical works harkening back to the Jazz-funk fusion days with flavors of house, soul, hip-hop, and electronica mixed in.