How does plan g extend the coverage of your medicare individual health insurance?

Plan G by Aetna is a great plan in terms of coverage for your original Medicare individual health insurance. Medicare Plan G is so popular partly because it has the best coverage among Medicare Supplement plans. While other Medigap plans might still leave some areas uncovered, Plan G offers complete coverage for your healthcare costs.

The only program that rivals Plan G when it comes to the extent of coverage is Medicare Supplement Plan F. However since Plan F has been discontinued since 2019 to new individuals, Plan G remains the most popular and holistic Medicare Supplement plan. With that being said, here is a list of benefits you can receive if you have Aetna Medigap Plan G on top of original Medicare.

  • Original Medicare Part A requires you to pay a certain amount of coinsurance from your total healthcare bills. However, if you have a Medicare Supplement plan G, the coinsurance payments and all other costs are covered under this plan.

  • Original Medicare Part B also has certain copayments and coinsurance payments that you have to pay out of pocket. For someone with a supplement plan G, these copayment and coinsurance costs are covered.

  • If you require hospice care, then the coinsurance and copayments for hospice care are also covered under Plan G.

  • In case you need a blood transfusion for a medical procedure, then the first 3 pints of blood are covered under Plan G.

  • Original Medicare Part A has a set deductible amount, which you have to pay before your Medicare health insurance starts covering the healthcare bills. However, plan G covers these deductibles, so you don’t have to pay any amount out of pocket for a medical procedure. 

  • The coinsurance payments of skilled nursing home care are covered under plan G.

  • When travelling abroad, if you need emergency medical care in a foreign country, then the emergency care costs are covered under plan G up to plan limits.

  • Any additional (Medicare-approved) costs that might come out of your pocket when you have Medicare part B are covered under plan G. 

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