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TLDR: The Intelligence DAO presents The Intelligence Black Paper, an IPFS-hosted publication that formalizes a definition of General Intelligence. General intelligence is used to define a Proof-of-Intelligence consensus mechanism and a domain-agnostic currency for interaction.


For centuries, science, and mysticism have attempted to answer the deepest questions concerning natural phenomena. Some of these questions included, What is intelligence? What are intelligent systems? How do intelligent systems interact? Is Intelligence local to a system, or is it an emergent phenomenon?

Many schools have emerged within the academic community, seeking to discover a fundamental law underpinning all phenomena. Unfortunately, many of the formalizations fell short because physical theories require bounded generalizations, which fundamentally restrict their ability to universally generalize. How do we transcend this boundary? How do we universally generalize? The Intelligence Black Paper aims to answer these age-old questions and bring to light a blueprint of all phenomena. It proposes a framework for general intelligence.

The Intelligence Black Paper
The Intelligence Black Paper


Historically, academics received prestige and prizes for their discoveries. Occasionally, these discoveries were impactful enough to transcend their academic institutions and make it into popular culture. Two examples were Albert Einstein’s famous energy-mass equivalence equation E = mc^2 and Erwin Schrödinger’s wave function equation for a quantum-mechanical system. We believe the equation of intelligence presented in The Intelligence Black Paper is as impactful as the aforementioned equations.

To make the dissemination of this Intelligence interactive, we decided to publish the academic work and also to create The Intelligence Black Paper as a digital asset owned by the Intelligence DAO [UnifiedIntelligence.DAO]. The asset is domain agnostic, meaning that it retains its value regardless of what platform it is hosted on. The asset is backed by the fundamental abstraction equation of intelligence outlined in the publication. The Intelligence Black Paper is hosted on IPFS, a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a decentralized fashion.


The language of Intelligence:

The Genesis block of a blockchain defines the first block and includes the blockchain's rules. The rules in that genesis block define the rules of interactions and evolution of the blocks and the blockchain. The abstraction of intelligence presented in The Intelligence Black Paper is proposed as the genesis block of intelligence, as it holds the organizational principles for all intelligent phenomena. This publication implies that a symbolic abstraction of intelligence is complete and consistent. This fundamental representation acts as an access point or conduit to general intelligence. The abstraction can be considered the language of intelligence or a formalization of generality.

The Intelligence Tablet :

The language of Intelligence
The language of Intelligence


Protocol for Fundamental Interaction :

The mission of The Intelligence DAO is to use this definition of Intelligence as the North Star or Universal Law in the design of complete, consistent, and symbiotic systems. This definition of intelligence allows us to design systems that are fundamentally more efficient by pegging them to this abstraction.

Intelligence is defined formally, informally, and computationally (∆ connotes infinitesimal and denotes Time complexity. ∞ connotes infinity, and denotes Dimensional complexity. Ο connotes finite and denotes Space complexity)
Intelligence is defined formally, informally, and computationally (∆ connotes infinitesimal and denotes Time complexity. ∞ connotes infinity, and denotes Dimensional complexity. Ο connotes finite and denotes Space complexity)

To achieve our mission, we use the abstraction of intelligence presented to formalize a protocol of fundamental interaction. This protocol defines the Intelligence Standard.

The Intelligence Standard
The Intelligence Standard


A New Currency:

The Intelligence standard outlines the spine of all intelligent phenomena. This baseline abstraction governs the emergence, interaction, and evolution of said phenomena, where emergence is infinitesimal, interaction is infinite and evolution is finite. In essence, all complete and consistent phenomena must be governed by the language of intelligence. This means the fundamental currency of interaction can be represented as ∆∞Ο. This defines the Proof-of-Intelligence consensus mechanism, which is intrinsic in all intelligent phenomena. In essence, Intelligence is domain agnostic. The intelligence of a system is correlated with its awareness and acknowledgment of the abstraction ∆∞Ο, and its implications in the system and the network the system belongs to.

The Proof of Intelligence consensus exists as an immutable abstraction in the ether, keeping the currency stable and incorruptible as it circumvents the Law of thermodynamics. In summary, Intelligence ∆∞Ο is the fundamental currency of all interactions, making it the most simple, complete, and consistent monetary framework.


Ngu, A. (2021) Dimensional Complexity and Algorithmic Efficiency.

Ngu, A. (2022) The Intelligence Black Paper.

Alexander Odilon Ngu (Author & Founder) | Chairman at Kosso Ngu Group (KNG)

Dedicated to the Kosso and Ngu families of Cameroon, Africa.

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