November 11th, 2021
  • Nearly 30,000 users minted Hashflow’s NFTs on Ethereum mainnet on Project Galaxy during a six-week campaign
  • Hashflow weekly active users grew from 3,000 to 13,000+
  • Following the start of the Galaxy campaign, Hashflow’s monthly trading volume skyrocketed from $19.8M in August to $673M in October


Growth in Web3 is a challenge; Web3 has no app stores, no targeted Facebook ads, no email marketing, no re-marketing, no affiliate marketing...yeah, you get it. The tools relied upon by Silicon Valley growth marketers over the past decade have largely evaporated in our industry, and we've been left with only a couple arrows in the quiver. Beyond meme contests and an active Twitter account, Web3 teams have relied mainly on token incentives for early adopters. Using tokens as an incentive, while successful in some instances, is more recently being called into question as it has trained parasitic behavior as users rush into projects with liquidity to earn tokens only to dump them and when the incentives dry up, say goodbye to those users.