NFTBERLIN 2022: The New Gestalt

📜 NFTBERLIN Manifesto

  1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The metaverse is not a linear space.
  2. Our aim is to cultivate a progressive democratisation of culture through creativity and technology.
  3. We promote openness, freedom, equality and liberty, the values that define Berlin.
  4. We are changing the default settings from closed to open and believe that digital ownership and self-sovereign data represent the future.
  5. We value fairness, which provides the best environment in which innovation and creativity can flourish.
  6. NFTBERLIN will always be a non-profit organisation.
  7. We will enable the promise of a new, decentralised internet in which individuals and the grassroots community are supported and empowered.

🔮 What & Why?

‘Denying and pushing back against NFTs and crypto is basically saying, “We’re not going to have a collectively owned future. We’re going to have a corporate-owned future, and we’re going to have a government-owned future”’.

— Naval Ravikant

NFTBERLIN is the people’s platform. We see ourselves as the public good of the metaverse, accelerating the democratisation of culture through creativity and technology.

NFTBERLIN is a non-profit annual unconference on NFTs. Inspired by the community of passionate NFT artists and technologists, we provide an open, chain-agnostic platform for learning, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

We aim to foster, to the greatest possible extent, meaningful connections between the participants and to drive this movement forward by providing an IRL space to level the playing field between indie NFT makers and established companies entering the market. Our ambition is to become the most extensive IRL platform for NFT builders and creators in Europe.

🧠 Theme

Our 2022 theme is ‘The New Gestalt: The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts’.

Decentralised technology creates unprecedented new opportunities and a way for people to get meaningfully involved and have a true sense of ownership. We kick off the first year of the event by highlighting the importance of the NFT community, emphasising the European NFT scene.

Our theme, the New Gestalt, conveys the ideal of what the new, decentralised digital paradigm like the Internet community should be at the grassroots level.

"The whole of the sum is greater than its part," the statement based on the principle of Gestaltism emphasises togetherness, connectedness, and community over individuality.

We believe that the metaverse is not a linear space. Together, as a community, we can achieve so much more than the sum of what we could achieve alone.

🤓 Programme

Our tentative date is between end of May, beginning of June 2022.NFTBERLIN will be a two-day unconference with four main tracks:

  • Track 1: Art, Collectibles and Society
  • Track 2: Gaming and Experiences
  • Track 3: Finance
  • Track 4: Infrastructure and Research

The event will feature various formats, from discussion panels, a fishbowl and gaming experiences to live demos and an NFT arts exhibition. We expect to welcome 600 global and European NFT fans and enthusiasts to our event and to Berlin.

To ensure a high quality programme, NFTBERLIN has adopted a no-pay-to-speak policy, which we have adopted from the ETHBerlinZwei team, knowing that this is the best model that can help us select the best speakers.

Everyone has an equal chance to speak and present their work at NFTBERLIN, as we will make the curation process transparent.

💸 Sponsorship

You are welcome to participate in NFTBERLIN in various ways, including by providing sponsorship. Our sponsorships are available in three tiers: Looks Rare, Epic and Anon. More details can be found here .

At the time of writing, we have attracted notable sponsors who are committed to various chains, protocols, funds and anons. In the next article, we will make a separate announcement to highlight each sponsor.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Join us

If you like what you have read about NFTBERLIN, join us to help make this unconference the most innovative, fun and amazing NFT event in Europe!

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