Ibn Inglor.

A Chicago native who was raised in Altgeld Gardens, a violent neighborhood despite its name. I began recording music and assembling a collective of creative minds when resources were scarce. Living in that environment motivated me to work harder.

I have lost friends, family, and my innocence to gun violence at a young age. The gardens originally built in 1944 for World War II veterans have now become my very own battlefield, aka my "Danger Zone."

Altgeld Garden's - "Uptop" (Liquor Store)
Altgeld Garden's - "Uptop" (Liquor Store)

My goal is to eliminate the need for major record labels by distributing a total of 40% in mechanical royalties to top backers as a way to keep the control of the music within the community and myself.

This seven-track album is a full-fledged journey into my world and my upbringing, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Preview: The 'Born Again' Skeleton
Preview: The 'Born Again' Skeleton
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An expressive, exhilarating ride of raw emotion.

  1. Danger Zone
  2. Interlude
  3. Jaw (feat. DuffleGang Gizzle)
  4. How Could I Ever (feat. Arran Sym)
  5. Talk Dirty (feat. Kevin Sinatra)
  6. Gas
  7. Blinded

Project is in the process of being completed.

Once the crowdfund has ended all $DANGER token holders can access the first single through the token-gated Discord channel.

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Each Ownership Coin collector will receive specific benefits, including an 8% mechanical royalty, merch bundle, priority access to Danger Zone events, and others.

Collect one (or more) of the ownership coins to participate in the crowdfund.

OS Coin - #1 // 0.1 ETH (25 total)

Access the private link for the Danger Zone album.

Priority access to the Danger Zone listening party.

OS Coin - #2 // 0.25 ETH (15 total)

Benefits from OS Coin - #1

V.I.P access to the Danger Zone headline show.

Merch Bundle (T-Shirt & Stickers)

OS Coin - #3 // 1 ETH (5 total)

Benefits from OS Coin - #1 & #2

8% mechanical royalty per song/per collector.

Access to the Milanote Mood board.

V.I.P +2 to the Danger Zone headline show.

Full Merch Bundle (Rug, T-Shirt, Poster & Sticker).

Note*: Only 3 out of 10 unique coins are listed.

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The auction will last for 25 days, or until the 20 ETH hard cap has been reached.

$DANGER backers receive

  • $DANGER governance token.
  • Credits on the album.
  • Signed Danger Zone poster.
  • Free entry into the Headline show.
  • Access to all Danger Zone singles through the token-gated Discord channel.

Top Bidders

The top bidders will each receive their own 1/1 “Born Again” Skeleton, access to all token-gated Discord channels, priority viewing of all Music Videos, and 24 hours notice of future releases from the Danger Zone NFT Collection.

OS Coin #3 - Collectors

You will be invited as a collaborator by DistroKid via e-mail. The earnings from all songs are routed automatically to your DistroKid bank for payouts. You will be able to see the statistics and percentage breakdowns of all songs in your DistroKid account.

Note*: If a coin is resold, the 8% royalty cannot be transferred.

Budget List

Detailed below is the estimated budget list.

These amounts and exact figures are subject to change.

  • 3 Music Videos // $13,000 (4k Budget Each)
  • Marketing (FB/IG/Spotify Ads) // $2500
  • Listening Party Venue // $1500
  • Live Show Visuals // $2500
  • Album Production // $4000
  • Album Mastering // $500

The funds from the OS Coins will be used to cover my day-to-day expenses.

Projected Timeline

  • Crowdfund starts // Oct 1st, 2021
  • Crowdfund Ends // Oct 26, 2021
  • Project completion date // Dec 17th, 2021
  • 1st Video Single // Feb 18th, 2022
  • 2nd Video Single // March 4th, 2022
  • Chicago Listening Party // May 26th, 2022
  • Album Release // May 27th, 2022
  • Chicago Headline Show // Sept 24th, 2022


INWHY, Freddy Jacques, Danny Ranno, Leighton McDonald, Arran Sym, Brandon Mahone, Luke Kozlowski, all $DANGER backers and the whole Mirror team for making this crowdfund possible.