We’re building the myspace and OnlyFans of Web3: call it OnlyFrens.

Or simply: your frens page.


  • Big Tech sucks: We’re missing a place for real frens.
  • Creators > Platforms, but online economies are broken rn.
  • All the new Web3 stuff is pretty cool. LFG.
gm frens
gm frens


  • Phase One (Live NOW): Connect your wallet, set your pfp, claim your page URL through ENS domains and share it.
  • Phase Two: Customize your page with some content.
  • Phase Three: Protect your content through Ethereum paywalls. gm OnlyFrens.
  • Phase Four: We’ll see. Maybe LiveStreaming, NFT Minting, Blockchain achievements, … Whatever the community wants.


  • Simple and Easy to use interface.
  • The Web3 Features you need.
  • A place for your frens. Your good frens.
  • No creepy algorithms. No tracking.
The Fren
The Fren

About us:

  • Team of frens and Web2 OGs.
  • Our first Web3 native product.
  • ETH boomers since 2016.
  • Gm frens.

Claim your own now on
Set your profile picture and ENS domain.
Update your link in bio.
Join the ride.

Stuff for Nerds and Contributors: is open source and can be found here on Github.

Frens do not have branding, no logo, no design. Just frens vibes and memes. If you know, you know. is currently hosted as NextJS app on Vercel.

We wanted to deploy on IPFS through - but IPFS doesn’t support NextJS and React in the way we needed it. As soon as this changes, we will switch to IPFS or another decentralized storage solution we see fit.

As backend and database, we use Moralis.

If you want to join the dev team and help us buidl, feel free to ask for a dev role in the frens Discord.

For any other roles, feel free to ask as well (Marketing, Mememaster, Designer, etc.)

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