Introducing Oases Genesis NFT Collection: Story, Value, and Vision

With the mainnet to be released after a fruitful testnet run, the time has come to present to you the Oases Genesis NFT collection. In our introduction piece, we laid out the technical fundamentals and rationale for what we are building. Apart from a celebration, the Genesis collection is an illustration of the vision and core values that represent the Oases community that we hope to see spring from the platform. We want to create a sanctuary for all that could work as a bridge between people of any background and be a focal point of flowing creativity.

Oases Genesis Story

The word genesis is defined as “the origin or mode of formation of something” in the Oxford dictionary. The testnet release is a noteworthy milestone with a platform that we are proud of and eager to develop further. But a technical solution is nothing without the people and our wish is for this moment to become the inception of a vibrant community. We want to emphasize this point of inception with a Genesis NFT collection that aims to capture the essence of Oases. With our first artist collaboration, the artwork is closely tied to the illustrative and symbolic aspects of the project.

The Narrative is based on contemporary challenges connecting it to the symbolism of Oases

Human society has with its increasingly excessive activities caused disruptions and imbalances in the earth's environment and ecology. While it´s evident for many humans on the planet, animals have arguably been more exposed to gradually deteriorating living environments and decreasing possibilities for survival in an imbalanced system. This is why 315 animals have ended up in inhabitable desert lands and seem destined for extinction. When the situation seems hopeless, a way out opens up, and they get to set foot on Noah’s ark of creation. A journey commences with the main objective to find a more suitable place to settle for the displaced animals. Eventually, they find the Oases, a paradise among the waste desert where the animals settle and are met with a diverse community. In the sheltered and thriving environment of the Oases, all imaginable influences converge and turn into a powerful source of creativity and cultural expression.

About the Genesis NFT collection

315 unique NFTs

Different animal species

While taking inspiration from the Oases' original narrative, all NFTs have their unique techniques and own creative influences that will add further uniqueness to each piece in the collection. Overall the general style will be based on the following.

  • The artist's own creative thinking like the painting style and high-quality performance.
  • Details from the narrative "find the Oases" that are explained above, making the works vivid and soulful.
  • Coherently balancing all the artwork between softness, consistency, perspective, proportion, color, and theme.

Perks for holders
As a token of our appreciation, we naturally want to give long-term perks to holders of the genesis NFTs, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • You will be identified as an early adopter/contributor of Oases, with a unique identification mark that differentiates your profile from others.
  • You will enjoy long-term transaction fee discounts (The transaction fee on successful deals is 2.5% for common users).
  • You will enjoy multiple benefits during NFT sale campaigns held by Oases, which may cover whitelist spots, exclusive online/offline event tickets, etc.
A Sneak Peek at the Genesis NFT Collection - Guess What Animal It Is
A Sneak Peek at the Genesis NFT Collection - Guess What Animal It Is

About Oases

Oases represent the Metaverse, the new oasis of humanity. It also indicates that NFTs, starting as niche collectibles, rejuvenate the art market. Oases, as its name implies, is an open, innovative, and vibrant community. We are committed to providing trendy, engaging, and distinctive products and functions to meet the demands of our users.

Stay Tuned

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