The Kiss by Gustav Klimt: Now available as NFTs on Oases!

Oases, a leading NFT marketplace that connects artists and collectors, announced today that it will collaborate with Belvedere Museum in Vienna to sell NFTs of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, one of the most iconic paintings of romantic love.


The Kiss, painted by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt in 1907, is the centerpiece of Belvedere’s collection and a masterpiece of the Art Nouveau movement. The painting depicts a couple embracing each other in a field of flowers, with their bodies covered by intricate patterns of gold leaf.


The Belvedere Museum has launched an exceptional NFT project that transforms The Kiss into a digital asset. A high-resolution digital copy of the painting has been divided into a 100 x 100 grid, resulting in 10,000 unique pieces offered as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs are digital tokens that use blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and ownership of digital assets.


Oases will be the business partner of the Belvedere Museum in selling The Kiss NFTs on its platform. Oases is a global NFT marketplace that offers a curated selection of high-quality digital art and collectibles from various genres and categories. Oases aims to create a vibrant and diverse community of artists and collectors who share a passion for creativity and innovation.


Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (Lovers), 1908/09

The couple in The Kiss appear intimately entangled, oblivious to their surroundings and lost in their embrace. With this work at the height of his “Golden Period,” Austrian painter Gustav Klimt created a universal allegorical statement about love as a central theme of human existence. The Austrian State bought the work when it was first presented, in 1908, for the recently founded Modern Gallery in the Lower Belvedere. Since then, the painting has remained in the museum’s holdings. Today, The Kiss is considered an icon of Viennese Art Nouveau and European Modernism. It is one of the most famous works of art in the world.


About the Belvedere

Austrian art is presented in an international context at three locations of the Belvedere museum in Vienna. The Baroque complex of the Upper and Lower Belvedere and its garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its renowned art collection includes works ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. And with 24 paintings by Gustav Klimt, the Belvedere possesses the world’s largest collection of his paintings. Other highlights include prominent works from the Viennese Biedermeier period, the Austrian Baroque, Vienna around 1900, and French Impressionism. Continued development and digitization in all areas will ensure the Belvedere’s status as an outstanding museum in the future as well.


About the Oases

Oases represent the Metaverse, the new oasis of humanity. It also indicates that NFTs, starting as niche collectibles, are rejuvenating the art market. Oases, as its name implies, is an open, innovative, and vibrant community. We are committed to providing trendy, engaging, and distinctive products and functions to meet the demands of our users.

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