Oases Weekly Mission #1: Complete Missions to Earn Palm Coins

Hello Oases Community,

After weeks of hard work, debugging, and testing, Oases is officially launching mainnet on August 24th. We hope you are as excited as we are about this huge milestone in Oases' history.

During this intensive period of the testnet, we have received invaluable help from the community. This has enabled us to plant the symbolic seeds that are about to grow, flourish and become the Oases platform and community. The support we have been given will not be forgotten by the team. Also, rest assured that your feedback is remembered and rewarded accordingly. Launching of the mainnet is just the ending on the testnet phase but only the beginning of the future. We will still need your support, the community, on this journey into an exciting future.

Going forward, we will make a weekly list of missions we wish you to perform to support further development and improvements. You can choose to participate in whichever mission you like to earn Palm Coins and make sure that you stay updated with new missions. Going forward, it will be possible to use the Palm Coins to redeem special benefits on Oases, such as fee discounts, whitelist spots, earnings sharing, etc. Please be aware that there is currently no native token of Oases. While it's still not entirely sure if and when we will add this to the Oases ecosystem, we can assure you that you will be able to convert your Palm Coins to the native token once it's released. Be cautious of fake coins!

Remember, to participate in the weekly missions, all you need to do is:

  1. Complete the mission, be sure to follow all the steps;
  2. Let us know!

Weekly Mission #1

Event Period: August 24th - August 31st

  1. Help us on Twitter
    Step1: Follow @Oases_NFT on Twitter.
    Step2: Like and retweet our Pinned Tweet.
    Step3: In our Discord's #Weekly Mission channel, submit your screenshots (or links).
    Step4: After your screenshots are reviewed and verified by us, you will be rewarded with 10 Palm Coins. (We reserve these Palm Coins for 500 smarties. We will randomly select people from all the submitted addresses if the number of participants far exceeds.)

  2. Help to improve Oases

    Step1: Use the last Oases testnet week for testing (You may do minting, listing, selling, and trading)

    Step2: Find a direct bug in the product or make any other relevant product suggestion.
    Step3: In our Discord's #Weekly Mission channel, submit your testing TxHash together with your findings and advice.
    Step4: If the team accepts your discovery or suggestion, you will be rewarded with 100 Palm Coins.

Remember to submit all your inputs to the #Weekly Mission channel!

About Oases
Oases represent the Metaverse, the new oasis of humanity. It also indicates that NFTs, starting as niche collectibles, are rejuvenating the art market. Oases, as its name implies, is an open, innovative, and vibrant community. We are committed to providing trendy, engaging, and distinctive products and functions to meet the demands of our users.

Stay Tuned
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