CSS Week 6 Recap: Legal & Compliance, Anniversary, Governance

In our latest podcast episode, we discussed our experience at Week 6 of a16z's Crypto Startup School and reflected on the journey of Bello.

So much to unpack, let’s dive in with Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s educational sessions!

CSS Week 6: Insights from Miles Jennings

Miles Jennings shared valuable insights on decentralization and regulatory aspects of web3 and crypto. He advised us on the importance of finding product-market fit before launching a token and how this can impact a startup's success. His guidance on navigating regulatory challenges was particularly helpful for us at Bello. Jennings emphasized that tokens do not equal equity and compared stakeholder capitalism to web3.

CSS Week 6: Governance Frameworks by Chris Porter

Chris Porter, Governance lead at a16z, provided a thorough walk-through of his governance frameworks and how he approaches token voting across their various portfolio companies. The discussion around decentralized governance systems and token voting was particularly interesting and thought-provoking as it gave us a better understanding of how we can potentially implement governance models for Bello in the future.

Experience at Happy Hour with Chris Dixon

We also had the opportunity to meet Chris Dixon, General Partner of a16z, at the happy hour event. We discussed our ideas and progress with Bello, and he provided us with valuable feedback. The happy hour event was a great opportunity to network with other teams and industry experts, and we were excited for the chance to connect with Chris.

Celebrating Bello's One-Year Anniversary

As we reflect on Bello’s journey, we celebrate our first-year anniversary since its inception at 2022’s ETH Amsterdam. We have achieved major milestones since then, such as helping creators earn over 275 ETH in revenue, processing nearly a million wallet addresses, and boasting over 15,000 crypto-curious creators on our waitlist. We acknowledge the challenges and low moments we faced while building Bello, including market conditions and the emotional toll of being founders. However, we are proud of our growth and progress over the past year.

What’s Next

We hope this blog post provided a deeper dive into our experience at Week 6 of CSS.

Week 7 is kicking off tomorrow, so stay tuned for another recap.

Catch you soon!

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