Bridging Attendance with Analysis: Bello's New POAP Integration

Imagine this: your startup hosts its inaugural community call, and the turnout is beyond expectations.

To celebrate this communal moment, you distribute POAPs, immortalizing the event onchain.

Or you’re at a leading crypto conference, and your company's booth stands out, attracting a wide audience.

Instead of traditional giveaways, attendees receive a POAP, marking their involvement.

These actions represent more than acknowledgment. For years now, the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) has empowered brands, influencers, and the crypto community at large to consistently nurture loyalty, monitor engagement, and build lasting onchain connections.

Bello recognizes the transformative potential of POAPs and it’s why we’re excited to integrate this social graph into Bello.

Our new integration offers more than data; it offers a refined approach to community intelligence, exclusively for paid users.

Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing The Triad of Bello’s POAP Integration

We’ve introduced three new critical features into Bello’s intelligence tooling:

  1. Search by POAP: Enables users to explore any issued POAP and gain insights on the collectors.

  2. A dedicated POAP dashboard: A curated dashboard surfacing POAP-unique insights.

  3. Powerful POAP filters: Filters to help you segment wallets based on POAPs they’ve collected.

Here’s how they work in practice, starting with search.

1. Get Insights Across any POAP

Toggling between the Ethereum network and POAP network
Toggling between the Ethereum network and POAP network

Start by selecting "POAP" in the search bar to access a detailed view across 8 dashboards and over 30 metrics.

The questions you once had about POAP collectors can now be answered with precision:

  • Wallet Insights: What's the net worth of a POAP holder? How seasoned are their wallets? Explore these metrics with our 'Wallet Breakdown', providing insights on net worth and wallet age.

  • Shared Assets: Curious about commonalities? Which other NFTs or ERC20s do POAP holders possess? 'Assets in Common' sheds light on these shared assets, painting a clearer picture of overlapping interests.

  • Diverse Interests: Ever wondered if your POAP collectors are inclined towards Art, Music, or perhaps Gaming? Delve deep into their diverse interests through Bello's proprietary data under 'Interests'.

  • Social Inclinations: Are your POAP collectors actively using Web3 social platforms like Lens Protocol? Find out the affiliation percentages with Web3 Social.

  • Spending Patterns: Want to gauge the spending habits of your POAP collectors? 'Pricing Insights' offers a lens into their propensity to invest and acquire tokens.

  • Recent Activity: Stay updated on the latest trends. Which NFTs have your POAP collectors added to their portfolio lately? Get this intel under 'Recently Purchased'.

  • Activity Heatmaps: When are your POAP collectors most active in the Web3 space? Discover patterns with 'Buying Heatmaps' that illustrate activity peaks by time and day.

After exploring the multifaceted analysis of POAP holders, let's delve into an even more specialized realm of our integration: the dedicated POAP dashboard itself.

2. Dedicated POAP Dashboard: Your Command Center for Event Engagement

We’re introducing 5 new metrics that reveal not just a cursory glance at POAP numbers, but an in-depth dive into the world of events and interactions such as:

  • Holders’ Insights: With just a glance, determine the proportion of your users vested in POAPs, illuminating a deeper layer of engagement.

  • Event Participation Patterns: Understand not just numbers, but the nature of events. Whether "In-Person" or "Virtual", gauge where your users lean.

  • Geographic Visualization: Our intuitive map offers more than numbers; it paints an interactive picture. Discover where POAPs resonate the most, with data points like “530 POAPs collected in Montreal, Canada”.

  • Shared POAPs: Delve into the collective consciousness of your audience, discovering shared event interests and overlaps.

Yet, our integration doesn't stop at mere visualization and basic insights.

To truly empower our users to extract the maximum value from POAP data, we've introduced something even more refined: POAP filters.

3. Filter Wallets Based on POAPs Held

Curious about who in your existing NFT collection holds a specific POAP? Filter with ease and see using the brand new "Owns POAP" filter.

By filtering you could answer questions like:

  1. Of the POAPs we handed out at ETH Denver, what percentage of them are already using our Dapp?

  2. Find me everyone who’s collected at least 1 POAP from every community call we’ve hosted

  3. How many Bored Ape Yacht Club holders are native to my brand?

After segmenting the wallets, you can export the data and add those wallets to your allowlist or send them a message directly to their XMTP-enabled inbox.

POAP Use Cases We’re Excited to Support

  1. Which Influencers Are Engaging with Our Brand? Given the rise of influencer marketing in the Web3 space, identifying and understanding influencers who have collected your POAPs can be crucial. By filtering for specific high-profile wallets or POAPs from influencer-led events, you can determine how many key figures in the community are engaging with your content or events.

  2. What's the Retention Rate of Our Event Attendees? For brands that host multiple events, understanding repeat attendees is vital. How many of the users who collected POAPs from our inaugural event returned for the subsequent ones? This can help gauge the success and stickiness of your events.

  3. Are There Any Patterns in Geographical Engagement? If POAPs are issued at location-specific events, filtering can answer questions like: How many POAP holders from our New York event also attended the one in Tokyo? This can shed light on global brand loyalty and potential brand ambassadors.

  4. What's the Overlap Between Our Online Promotions and Offline Events? If a brand runs both online campaigns (like Twitter giveaways) and offline events, they might wonder: How many users who won our online NFT giveaways also attended our in-person event and collected the POAP?

  5. How Do Collaborations Affect Engagement? For brands that collaborate with others and co-host events, a pressing question might be: How many users collected POAPs from both our solo event and the collaborated one? This can help in assessing the success of collaborations and determining future partnership strategies.

Brands can harness Bello's POAP wallet intelligence to not only uncover insights but also directly engage with targeted audiences, tailoring campaigns and outreach initiatives.

Maximize Your POAP Strategy with Bello

POAPs aren't just tokens; they're narratives of engagement, milestones of connection. With Bello, these stories come alive. Beyond basic metrics, delve into the depth of each POAP, gaining insights into collector behaviors and Web3 trends. Identify where your initiatives resonate the most, and strategize for long-term community engagement.

Isn't it exciting to transform cherished memories into actionable insights? After all, who doesn't cherish collecting a POAP?

Empower your POAP strategy with Bello. Dive in.

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