Bello world 🍄

The web3 creator economy is booming, and tokenized communities are at the frontier of a new decentralized movement.

Creators are using crypto primitives to monetize their content and build incentive-aligned brands, but many don't realize that there's a wealth of data on the blockchain that can be used to grow their communities and expand their reach.

Introducing Bello (🍄,🔎)

Bello is the no-code blockchain analytics tool that empowers creators with actionable insights about their collectors in one simple search.

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🍄 Why We’re Building Bello

A group of powerful women in the 60s screaming their love for Bello.
A group of powerful women in the 60s screaming their love for Bello.

Data is rooted in history as a cornerstone for successful decision-making. Yet, in today’s world of web3, it’s challenging to learn from on-chain data in a simple and intuitive manner.

So we took it upon ourselves to make this messy data easily accessible for everyone - though no one needs this more right now than crypto-native creators.

Why creators?

Well, they’re the ✨ backbone ✨of web3, and the data tools available today make something that should be so simple yet so difficult.

From the NFT profile pics that we identify with to the music we collect and even the tokenized communities we spend the most time in, it’s all thanks to creators.

Due to innovative primitives like NFTs, DAOs, and social tokens, we’re seeing the rise of a new creator class - one whose priority is data ownership, and with that comes a new set of tools.

We know that as a web3 creator, you have so many things on your plate.

You've got the day-to-day of running your brand, learning the latest crypto buzzwords, managing your discord, plus all the creative stuff and everything else in life.

You commit your career to growing a crypto familia only to know little about who they are behind the address.

And when it comes down to it, you just want to know who's collecting and loving what you're selling—and why.

That’s why we created Bello.

🔎 What is Bello

Bello is an easy-to-use blockchain analytics tool that helps you learn more about your collectors and their behavior through a simple search.


By scanning all your collector’s wallets, Bellie 🍄 presents you with simple, yet intuitive dashboards and actionable insights that help you answer critical questions like:

  1. Who are my biggest supporters?

  2. How old is their wallet?

  3. What else did they buy in the last seven days?

  4. What other communities do they hang around?

  5. What in-person events do they attend?

  6. What is their net worth?

  7. What DAOs are they actively a part of?

And so much more.

Unlike other analytics platforms that benefit SQL-experienced users or professional NFT traders, Bello is a haven for non-technical users in a world where blockchain data is hard to fetch and understand.

With no-code insights at the foundation of Bello’s pursuit, we help creators learn more about their collectors in a friendly and intuitive manner.

Simply search one smart contract address, or compare a few, to receive highly tailored insights on who the collectors are, what they have in common, and how to take action on this data.

🫂 Who We Are

We are a duo on a journey to empower 1,000,000 creators to make confident decisions using no-code data tools.

Our mission is to make blockchain data simple to search and understand.

We want our insights to teach you something new about your collectors, inspire your next NFT drop, or even help bring your community closer together.

And we won’t stop until we achieve just that.

🛑 Before You Go, Join the Waitlist

With our beta release soon, we're opening up our platform to more creators who want to learn how their collectors interact with their assets.

If you're interested in learning more about your collectors, sign up for our beta today.

You'll be among the first to experience all the features Bello offers and help us shape the future of easy-to-use blockchain analytics.

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