Bello and Rare Protocol Partner: Empowering Artists with OnChain Insights and Growth Tools

Today marks a milestone in our journey to empower creators within the web3 ecosystem.

In collaboration with Rare Protocol, we are bringing Bello's proprietary wallet analytics and growth toolset directly to artists with community pools on RARE protocol.

For artists on Rare Protocol, this isn't merely an incremental change; it's a powerful advancement that delivers daily, actionable data across stakers who are supporting your creative endeavors.

For the Bello community, this initiative signifies a dynamic shift as we license our product to a network, opening up access to wallet analytics and growth capabilities to its user base.

If you have a Community Pool, continue reading to discover how this partnership will not only enrich your onchain creativity but also strengthen the bond you have with your community.

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What are Community Pools?

Before we get into the details of what Bello will offer, let’s understand the concept of Community Pools on Rare Protocol. These pools are a part of Rare Protocol’s Curation Staking system, offering a decentralized, platform-agnostic way to support creators and enhance their visibility and credibility within the web3 ecosystem.

In this mechanism, $RARE token holders can stake their tokens in support of artists, collectors, or curators. By staking tokens, individuals give a social and reputational boost to creators, while also earning a share of marketplace fees whenever the supported artist sell NFT on SuperRare.

Why Community Pools Are Transformative

The creation of an open, onchain data layer through Community Pools brings about multiple advantages.

Not only does it facilitate improved curation and discovery, but it also offers important insights and analytics. Curation Staking inherently incentivizes early support for emerging artists, thus leveling the playing field for new talents in the space.

Bello’s OnChain Analytics Suite: What Artists Get

Bello’s analytical growth tools are designed to automatically collect and organize data from each artist's Community Pool on the Curation Staking app. This data is then displayed in a user-friendly dashboard, offering valuable onchain wallet analytics and insights.

Features Available to Artists with Community Pools

Here’s a rundown of the Bello features that will now be available to all 600 artists who have a Community Pool:

  • 11 Dashboards and 30 Metrics: Gain access to powerful dashboards and insightful metrics to better understand who’s supporting your endeavors.

  • Wallet Interests: Gain deeper insights into a staker's onchain activities to better understand their interests.

  • Mass Messaging Between Wallets: Establish direct communication channels with your community members, enhancing engagement and feedback.

  • Pre-Configured User Interfaces: Make use of user interfaces that are ready to deploy, saving you time and energy.

  • Ethereum and POAP Search Analytics: Employ single or multi-contract custom search options on Ethereum and POAP to sift through transactions and interactions.

  • No-Code Wallet Filtering and Segmentation: Implement advanced segmentation techniques to better target your community outreach.

  • Actionable Insights: Leverage automated insights generated through algorithms to make informed decisions for your brand and community.

How to Access Bello's Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the integration of Bello's analytics into Rare Protocol's Community Pools is designed to be straightforward.

Artists, here’s how you access the onchain insights of your stakers using Bello.

Step 1: Head over to your dashboard on

Notice the Bello logo outlined in red
Notice the Bello logo outlined in red

Head over to and connect your wallet.

If your wallet address has a pool associated with it, as well as a minimum of 3 stakers, you will see a button that links out to Bello.

Note: Only those with Community Pools will see the Bello outbound link.

Step 2: Log into Bello using the same wallet address associated with your community pool.

Navigate to the Bello platform and choose the option to log in using your Ethereum address. This process will involve a basic web3 signature to confirm your identity.

The operation is secure and only meant to validate that you own the target address associated with your pool.

Step 3: Dashboard Auto-Population

Once logged in, the system handles the complexities of data aggregation and presentation, leaving you with the actionable insights and tools needed to grow and sustain your creative efforts.

Note: Artists on Rare receive premium access specifically for wallets staking in their Community Pool. While you can search other collections, any additional searches will be subject to the limitations of Bello's creator plan. For unrestricted access to all premium features, feel free to get in touch by emailing “gm” at for 20% off all paid plans.

Step 4: Explore the Features

Now that you are inside your customized dashboard, study the insights of your top supporters, segment to find your most affluent stakers, or send a message to their wallet using Bello’s XMTP integration.

Here’s how to send a message to your staker’s wallet DMs.

Leverage Insights for Strategy Planning, Partnerships, and Growth

As you familiarize yourself with Bello, you can start using the data for strategic planning and action. Whether it's deciding on new NFT drops, community engagement events, growing your staking pool, or simply understanding which supporters are most active, the data you receive is invaluable for shaping your community-building efforts.

Final Thoughts

We're handing you the keys to better understand your audience and take your art to the next level.

So go ahead, dive into these new tools, and let's see where your creativity takes you and your community next.

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