Unveiling Interests V2: 19 New Proprietary Wallet Tags

Last month, we unveiled Interests V1, identifying 9 unique interests based on the NFTs collected by wallets.

Our motivation was to tap into the rich data landscape that is unique to Bello, offering insights no one else can provide.

With the decentralized community continuously evolving, it's imperative to regularly update our categories to stay relevant and insightful.

Building on that commitment, today we're rolling out Interests V2, expanding our categorization to capture an even broader spectrum of 19 new proprietary tags inspired by last week’s POAP integration.

Why the Expansion to 19 New Interest Categories?

While our original Interests feature did a great job of summarizing the primary reasons people participate, it's become clear that there's a need for more granularity.

As a response to this evolving landscape, we're introducing 19 new interest categories to provide a clearer picture of community engagement and preferences.

So, we’ve expanded our categorization based on POAPs collected:

  1. Developer

  2. Hackathon

  3. Gaming

  4. Fashion

  5. Charity

  6. Education

  7. Commemorative

  8. Conference

  9. Ethereum Conference

  10. Community Gathering

  11. Networking

  12. Politics and Governance

  13. Entrepreneurship

  14. NFT Event

  15. Music Event

  16. Art Event

  17. Metaverse

  18. Sports

  19. Media

These 19 categories were introduced to more accurately capture the range of activities and preferences in the onchain community.

Each category is designed to provide a clearer snapshot of a wallet’s interactions and preferences onchain.

By refining these categories, we aim to offer a more detailed, precise understanding of the onchain community's myriad interests.

Why are Interests Important for Understanding Wallet Preferences?

Think of a community like a puzzle.

Each piece is unique, and without understanding every piece, you can't see the full picture.

Knowing the interests tied to a wallet can give businesses, creators, and community heads an edge in fine-tuning their approaches.

Interests act as markers. They clue us into the community's evolving preferences, signaling where attention is gravitating.

Recognizing these interests doesn't just spotlight trends; it carves pathways for deeper, more relevant connections between project leaders and their audience.

Navigating Interests V2 on Bello: A Quick Guide

With the introduction of Interests V2, we've also refined our dashboard, adding a visually intuitive pie chart and additional segmentation filters to showcase event-based interests.

How to use Interests effectively in Bello:


Use the new categories to segment your audience based on more specific events and activities. Planning an Ethereum conference? Easily identify and engage with those whose wallets indicate a preference for Ethereum-based events.


Understanding your community's interests allows for hyper-targeted engagement strategies.

Tailor your communications using our Mass Messaging feature to offer initiatives that align with the specific interests of different community segments.


With the new pie chart, visualize your community's event-based interests at a glance.

What’s next

The introduction of Interests V2 underscores our commitment to providing our users with the most advanced tools to navigate the intricacies of onchain analytics.

Interests are more than just categories – they represent the passions, affiliations, and aspirations of a community.

By giving you the tools to tap into these insights, we're paving the way for more meaningful, impactful, and tailored interactions onchain.

Engage with us, try out Interests V2, and explore the boundless potential of your community.

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