What we're manifesting: a culture of human-nature symbiosis

🔮 TL;DR We’re building a decentralized media lab for creatives, technologists, and those with a deep affinity to nature to collaboratively shape the planet's future through art, science and technology. Join us

Our Manifesto

Zaya was brought to life to deepen our collective affinity to nature and to create greater health in the process: by creating space for experiences, practices and rituals that manifest mindfulness and care - both for ourselves and the planet.

This common objective weaves together a web of creatives, technologists, scientists, and activists that collaboratively tell Zaya’s story and design multi-sensory, multi-media products and social experiences dedicated to regenerating the earth. Together, we are building a decentralized media lab to explore what an abundant future for the human-nature relationship might look like.

The stories we tell illustrate the symbiotic relationship between humans and the earth: they highlight how a deeper connection with nature can both nourish our wellbeing and help regenerate our ecosystems. We are sharing these stories to bring forth a systemic shift in our culture and to inspire people in the Zaya orbit, and beyond, to expand their thoughts, beliefs and behavior towards the natural world.

Creating A CyberGlitterPunk Future

We operate as a Metalabel, meaning we act as a core curator that connects groups of people using a common identity for a common purpose: restoring nature through culture, care and storytelling and an ever-evolving network of communal and ancestral wisdom.

Our releases explore the natural world as a spirit that supports us. They showcase nature’s beauty and express it as an art form, rather than a statistic. With that we want to create a cultural representation of the state of human-nature-symbiosis.

To make this happen, we provide a platform that facilitates and supports collaboration between creators who build and launch drops centered around wellbeing and planet regeneration. Our releases feature the intricacies, benefits and beauty of




~art, and


The Value of Multiplayer Mode

We believe that individuals alone cannot solve the pressing questions of our time. That is why we see large potential in community and the soft touch of artistic exploration to answer those questions.

Having the right tools at our disposal is giving us hope and more importantly, motivation, to push for better outcomes. We believe that technology, and specifically web3, is a driving force in generating better outcomes: it lets us come together and realize the future that we envision. In practice, we take advantage of web3 tech to create space for care, and for communal motivation and power to flourish, so that we can create public and social goods that go beyond web3.

Zaya lets us imagine and manifest abundance - both for our personal health and that of the planet. We view technology as a platform and media as the vehicle to get us there. If this is something you ~vibe~ with, we invite you to join us to unfold your creative mind, lean into the energy that makes you most happy and build out a version of the future that is mindful of body, psyche and spirit.

💖 Read about what motivates and guides us as a community in Our Philosophy and why we decided to take action in Why We Care.

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