Built on Harmony: Womxn Centered DAOs

May 2022

This monthly write up aims to give a comprehensive update on what the womxn led and womxn centered DAOs built on Harmony are up-to. Being some of the most active DAOs built on Harmony, these DAOs are bringing Web3 to the masses through education and event-sponsorships, and making history while doing it. Given the vast landscape of Web3, it’s not always easy to identify who is doing what, thus, this update aims to help raise the work and voices of our fearless DAOs.

A Ripple Effect

After reaching historic wins at ETHAmsterdam in April, having sponsored 10 women hackers and 3 all-women hacking teams, the Blu3 DAO team was approached by a new sponsor, Storj. A decentralized cloud storage company, Storj, in conjunction with Harmony, enabled Blu3 DAO to take 19 hackers to the Activate x Wormhole Hackathon in Miami (May 18-May 22).

Blu3 DAO focuses on empowering women & non-binary people to earn, learn & play in web3 via mentorship, community & funding.

Staying true to their mission to uplift and mentor women leaders, Blu3 DAO draws conference co-leads from their DAO contributors to organize logistics, partnership budgets and facilitation of the scholarship program.

At Activate hackathon, each of their 4 hacker teams won a prize, with 3 teams winning multiple prizes. Additionally, of the 4 BUIDLs that Blu3 submitted, of the total 81 hackathon projects, they won a total 12 prizes and bounties (>$11K in total). All projects hacked on Storj and 1 project built on Harmony.

With their sponsorships, boosted by Harmony, Blu3 DAO is enabling women builders and top tier talent from around the world to enter these hackathons, spaces that have been dominated by men in the past. Today, Blu3 DAO is making more noise than ever with each Hackathon they enter. And while there is a lot of buzzing around in Web3, ONE thing is clear, and that is: Blu3 DAO is here to stay!

The Storm Continues

Another womxn - centered DAO that’s taking Web3 on by storm is H.E.R. DAO.

H.E.R DAO is a women-centered developer DAO that includes self-identifying women, trans women and non-binary audiences.

H.E.R. DAO hosted a number of activations in May, including their inaugural H.E.R. DAO meetup at Avalanche House Berlin; with over 100 womxn in attendance. The meet up hosted a panel discussion focusing on Womxn in Web3, speakers included H.E.R. DAO governor Lena, H.E.R. DAO LATAM governor Doris, Azalea Co-founder Natalie & The Bigger Pie founder Bridget.

In effort to help their members Learn to Earn, H.E.R. DAO partnered with The Phoenix Guild to bring womxn from their community to the Zero Knowledge ONE Uni Course for developers to increase the number of womxn building with Zero Knowledge Proof tech. In doing this, H.E.R. DAO aims to make the course more accessible for those interested in learning, and additionally, the DAO created a 4 day session to aid completion of the course. They produced a recording of the sessions in order to repurpose it for future students.

In another inaugural event, H.E.R. DAO hosted their first partnership hackathon as supporting organizers with Activate and Dora Hacks. H.E.R. DAO also acted as Diversity & Inclusion consultants, helping Activate create a modern hackathon experience responsive to the changing landscape of web3. To top it off, H.E.R. DAO scholars took home over $35,000 in bounties and prizes. DAO members also held a presence at NFTBerlin and Espacio Cripto in Mexico.

H.E.R. DAO is working on some exciting things ahead including a partnership with Metaverse Summit and strengthening their DAO structure through community onboarding calls.

Championing collaboration, Blu3 DAO and H.E.R. DAO hosted a womxn’s brunch, for over 60 womxn, in a cross-collaboration with Women Build Web3.

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