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November 15th, 2022

Dear Web3 users,

As we introduced in our last blog post, Web3.com is a web3 information aggregation service dedicated to serving and guiding both new and experienced users in the vastness of Web3, while synthesizing and displaying all kinds of information available on- and off-chain. Through Web3.com, anyone and anything in the Web3 world can interconnect and explore the gigantic network that goes along the Web3 paradigm and spirit. To achieve our vision, our team has been working diligently along the roadmap, launching the official website on October 24th, and will soon debut our first product dubbed Web3ite Pass. In this article, we want to walk you through the details of the utility of a Web3ite Pass, and talk about how we want to help individuals, projects, and organizations navigate in the broad and colorful Web3 space.

Create your first web3 profile on web3.com

Web3ite Pass is an NFT certificate issued by web3.com and buyers can choose a name and mint the NFT. Those who hold a Web3ite Pass can create and edit a web3 showcase page at a domain with the same name as the Web3ite Pass (eg. If the NFT name is abc, the corresponding showcase page address is abc.web3.com). The showcase page integrates both on-chain and off-chain information, functioning as your Web3 digital business card. Anyone can view your showcase page by searching for yourname.web3.com in the browser.

At the initial stage, you will be able to set a name, personal description, crypto wallet address, and links to various related websites. You can also display your articles posted on mirror.xyz, and your NFTs. In coming iterations, there will be more display options, such as the content or social feeds on other platforms, the integration of on-chain data and tags, as well as campaigns, updates, and info at your own configuration.

A Web3.com profile does not only function as a digital business card that integrates various types of information but also as a display space corresponding to the identity you create for yourself in the Web3 world. After you start editing yourname.web3.com and allow others to visit your profile, your web3 identity is formed, and by this, you can connect with people with common interests, build your personal brand as a KOL, or share your life and views with like-minded people. For organizations and brands, you'll be able to publish your opinions, attract new users and boost your brand recognition. With the domain name web3.com being the natural focus of attention, visiting web3.com profiles will be an exciting journey for people traveling from Web2 into the Web3 world. Our vision is to offer regular users, retail investors, and funds more convenient ways to discover new projects and connect with each other.

With the Web3ite Pass functioning as your identity symbol that can be used on multiple chains and the web3.com as a huge data aggregation platform with information from both the Web2 and Web3 worlds, we aim to create a strong community where we communicate, grow and explore what is missing on the Web3 market. Future benefits we've designed for Web3ite Pass holders include a web3.com email address under the same name as your Web3ite Pass and a decentralized on-chain domain name.

Buy a Web3ite Pass

1.1 Name reservation for ENS holders

In order to avoid a situation where a few people hoard domain names when web3.com has not yet reached broad recognition in the early stage, we adopted the policy of periodically releasing Web3ite Pass domain names. For detailed price and the release scheme, please check: https://wiki.web3.com/product/website-pass/buy-web3ite-pass. We'll also launch a few community campaigns to distribute some domain names at the very early stage.

If you are an ENS holder, you can reserve one Web3ite Pass Name the same as your ENS name. For example, if you hold nancy.eth, you'll be able to reserve the nancy.web3.com domain name. The event lasts from November 15 to November 27. After the Web3ite Pass is live, which will soon be announced on our Twitter and in the community, you can come to the product page to mint a Web3ite Pass with the name you've reserved. The pricing of names in the reservation stage is the same as the early bird stage, please check https://wiki.web3.com/product/website-pass/buy-web3ite-pass for details.

To reserve a name, fill in your information on our Quest3 event page. We reserve 200 domain names for this campaign. If exceeded, the first 200 users who submit and have their possession of the ENS name verified will get their name reserved.

Note that the name you want to reserve needs to meet our naming rules, i.e:

  1. The length of the name can be 3-20 characters;

  2. Name characters can contain uppercase and lowercase English letters, numbers 0-9, and hyphen "-";

  3. Letter case is ignored when determining duplicate names, for example, when the name "Abc" is purchased, names such as "ABC", "abc", and "ABc" will be considered as duplicate names and thus cannot be purchased;

  4. Hyphen "-" cannot be the first or last character nor be used consecutively.

1.2 Name reservation for Brands and Projects

We have reserved some web3.com secondary domain names for prestigious brands, companies, projects, etc. Please check out here to find your brand. If you would like to reserve a name for your project or organization that is not in the form, please fill out the form below to request:

After the Web3ite Pass is live, you can come to the product page to mint a Web3ite Pass with the name you've reserved.

1.3 Early bird scheme

Early bird registration will start some time after the reservation period. Join the web3.com community using the links below to get the news from us without delay.

1.4 Public sale

During the public sale, you can search for the domain name you want to own on the “Buy a Web3ite Pass” page. If the name is available, you can pay ETH and complete the NFT minting. After the NFT minting is done, the Web3ite Pass is successfully purchased.

Note that each name is unique and cannot be purchased if it is already taken. Some names that are in reserved status will not be available at the time.

To keep updated with the progress of the project, you can add yourself to the emailing list at the bottom of our Web3.com website and also follow us on our social media listed below. You can also reach us at official@web3.com.

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About Web3.com

Web3.com is a Web3 information data aggregation service, dedicated to guiding and serving new and experienced users in the vastness of Web3 while synthesizing and displaying all kinds of information available on- and off-chain. Through Web3.com, anyone and anything in the Web3 world can interconnect and explore the gigantic network that goes along the Web3 paradigm and spirit.

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