Exclusive Web3 Credential - Web3.com Domain Web3ite Pass Available to Register on March 8th 2023

March 6, 2023, Web3.com reveals a new product - Web3ite Pass as an ultimate form of credential in Web3 space.

Domain names has become an essential part of the internet, serving as unique identifiers for websites and online services. However, the traditional domain name system has limitations, such as centralization and limited control for domain owners. That's where Web3.com comes in.

As part of its commitment to the Web3 community, Web3.com is proud to introduce a new product concept -- Web3ite Pass  (Ultimate Credential in Web3 Space)

Unique Feature about Web3ite Pass - "Web3.com" suffix

Web3ite Pass is an NFT issued on the Ethereum mainnet, designed as an ecological credential that connects the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Each NFT corresponds to a domain name with a "web3.com"suffix.

At its core, Web3ite Pass is a Web3 digital credential in a form of an Ethereum-based NFT. Its purpose is to serve as an ecological credential that connects the Web2 and Web3 Space. Each NFT corresponds to a domain name with a "web3.com"suffix.

As an example, users can register a Web3ite Pass NFT named "job" on Ethereum using a crypto wallet. This NFT corresponds to the domain name "job.web3.com". As the owner of this domain name, individual or organization can edit and create a distinctive, customized digital business card that is easy to remember and stands out from the crowd.

Killer Web3 Credential |Digital Business Card

The Web3ite Pass page will integrate

  • a QR code

  • domain name URL

  • various social channels

  • and editor's choice content

And essentially providing a streamlined and efficient digital business card for individuals or organizations in any industry. It is a highly efficient and simplified digital business card that combines functionality with a unique and memorable design.

During the cold start phase, the target core user groups can be divided into two categories:

  1. To B: Enterprises and project teams that are deeply involved in Web3, or Web2 enterprises that are interested in transitioning to Web3

  2. To C: Web3 working professionals: builders, creators, innovators that want to build value

For business organizations, having such a digital business card primarily solves the pain point of breaking down complex information barriers.

  • Holders of domain names of well-known enterprises and project teams can integrate all their on-chain and off-chain information on a dedicated page for their organization.

  • On-chain information includes various types of interaction data on the blockchain, while off-chain information includes social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, TikTok, and Xiaohongshu.

  • This approach eliminates the need for users to gather scattered information from multiple platforms and, through on-chain data, enables the trustworthy verification of enterprise and project team credibility.

For individual users -- developers, content creators, or individual investors, having a Web3 name card can break down information barriers as mentioned above, but most importantly, it can help manage their personal brand.

For instance, if users are an OG, having a domain name card allows for easy visibility of their industry labels, output content, and on-chain data information. Therefore, whether for individual users or B2B users in the industry, having a WEB3 name card with the added advantage of a web3.com domain name is a natural, high-quality endorsement tool.

From Web2 to Web3 - further value points

Unlike traditional Web2 internet domain names, the Web3ite Pass leverages NFTs to bring more possibilities for traditional domain names, enabling an organic connection between on-chain and off-chain information.

  1. NFT based ownership and control
    Web3ite Pass is an ERC-721 standard NFT domain name issued on the Ethereum mainnet, symbolizing ownership of the domain name and serving as a key to edit and showcase one's name card.

  2. Liquidity value
    Additionally, NFTs have good liquidity, and for some valuable domain names, users can easily trade and obtain brand premiums.

  3. Accessible & Security
    The current smart contract addresses are long and irregular characters, which are difficult to remember and recognize. As a result, it is challenging for users to distinguish between phishing contracts, leading to various hacking attacks and accidental operations. web3.com, however, is a much simple domain name as users can easily remember and access a xxx.web3.com link. This approach enhances the security of smart contract transactions and reduces the likelihood of errors or malicious attacks. For example, by entering "yourname.web3.com" in the address field of a wallet, users can easily transfer funds to the wallet address associated with their Pass.

Future Potential:

Web3ite Pass is just the beginning. The team is firm to explore and develop new product forms, with plans for information navigation services based on Web3ite Pass content to bring more traffic and exposure to the domain; Web3 email services, operational marketing tools, and more to bring even greater value to the Web3ite Pass.

How Can Users Get a Web3ite Pass?

To get a Web3ite Pass, simply visit the website and follow the minting process. Each pass is unique, and users can choose the name they want to represent their passes.

Introducing Early Bird Pricing for Web3ite Pass - Get Yours in Today and Save!

Web3.com is excited to announce the early bird pricing for Web3ite Pass - the future of domain names on blockchain. For a limited time, users can get their own Web3ite Pass at a discounted price and be part of the Web3 revolution. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a unique and valuable digital asset. By getting a Web3ite Pass now, users will have access to all the benefits of ownership, control, and on-chain identity that comes with it.

Here are the details of the early bird pricing:

  • 90% discount off the regular price

  • Limited time offer, only available until March 29th

  • Same ownership, control, and on-chain identity benefits as regular-priced passes

  • Each address is limited to purchasing 5 domain names regardless of the number of characters.

  • Limited to 2000 domain names for 21 days only, starting from March 8th. Hurry, before they sell out!

 The available domains are as follows:

  • 100 three-character domains at a discounted price of $300 (original price $3,000)

  • 300 four-character domains at a discounted price of $100 (original price $1,000)

  • 600 five-character domains at a discounted price of $10 (original price $100)

  • 1000 six-character domains or more at a discounted price of $1 (original price $10)

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the website web3.com and follow the minting process. Each pass is unique, and users can choose the name they want to represent their passes.

Act now and get the Web3ite Pass at a discounted price. Join the Web3 revolution and take control of the online identity today!

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