Web3 DID Domains: An Important Infrastructure in the Web3 Industry
April 27th, 2023


Compared to the centralized issues of Web2 domains, Web3 domains utilize blockchain technology to achieve decentralized management and operation. Users are able to directly control their personal accounts and data, solving problems such as data privacy and security, and providing a safer, freer, and more equitable internet environment. As a platform focused on Web3 technology, Web3 domains improve the user experience, reduce the threshold for website construction, integrate social media information, provide a secure transaction environment, and offer rich application scenarios, providing users with greater investment value and profit models. Web3 domain applications solve problems related to identity authentication, content distribution, transactions, and development, promoting the development of Web3 technology and injecting new vitality into the entire blockchain industry. Looking towards the future, Web3 domains should continue to innovate and develop scalable dApps, improve the security and reliability of smart contracts, and work with the community to become an important infrastructure for Web3 technology.

Introduction to Traditional Web2 Domains and the Limitations

In the era of the internet, Web2 domains play a crucial role. They serve as unique identifiers that allow users to easily find and access the websites and services they desire. The function of Web2 domains is to match an easy-to-remember name with an IP address, so users only need to enter the domain name to access a specific website or service without the need to remember its corresponding IP address. Web2 domains are also often used to build brands, helping businesses and organizations create a recognizable and memorable online presence, and conveying their specific reputation and value proposition. In this process, domains have also become digital assets, as they possess unique value and brand significance.

However, traditional Web2 domains also bring a series of limitations and problems. Data privacy and security are one of the most critical issues. Users typically cannot truly control their personal accounts and data, and cannot benefit from the value appreciation of these domains. Traditional domains require purchasing and management through centralized domain registrars, which means users must trust these registrars to protect their personal accounts and data. However, this user trust can easily be abused, as registrars may collect, store, share, and sell user personal data, which may include users' names, email addresses, credit card information, and other sensitive information. In addition, the use of traditional domain registration and management requires costly fees that can hinder small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs from entering the market. Since these domains are controlled by central institutions, users may also face unfair pricing and access restrictions.

Web3 Domains: Decentralized Management and Advantages Over Web2 Domains

In the development process of the internet, the centralization problem of the Web2 era has always been a controversial issue, and the emergence of Web3 has attracted more attention. Web3 domains, as a new type of domain name in the Web3 era, are expected to solve the centralization problem of the Web2 era and become a new force in the Web3 era.

Web3 domains utilize distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain technology, to achieve decentralized management and operation. As a result, users can directly control their personal accounts and data, authorize or reject access or modifications to personal data using private keys, and no longer need to trust third-party institutions to manage their personal data.

Moreover, Web3 domains employ smart contract technology to address account funding and value allocation issues. Users can use cryptocurrencies for transfers or payments, and transactions are directly completed on the blockchain, without intermediaries or third-party payment platforms, reducing transaction costs while ensuring transaction security and privacy.

In the Web3 era, due to the decentralized management and operation mode, platforms cannot review and restrict user content, addressing content review issues. Users can freely express their opinions and thoughts without worrying about being restricted by the platform's freedom of speech. The emergence of Web3 domains represents the next direction of Internet development, providing users with a more secure, free, and fair Internet environment. we have reason to believe that Web3 domains will become an important direction for the future development of the internet.

Web3 Revolution: Web3 Progress and Future Development

Web3.com is a platform designed to address a series of problems in the current Internet. The platform provides a decentralized identity authentication system called DID, which encapsulates web3-formatted digital identities, digital assets, DApps, and other digital content to facilitate user access and utilization. Web3 domain names are the infrastructure of this system, acting as user nicknames that can be associated with DApp applications and used for cross-application login. Additionally, Web3 domain names can anchor identity data for interconnectivity. They are unique within the public chain and the entire web3 ecosystem. Web3 domain names can be combined with general browsers to open web2 website addresses, enabling direct connectivity between Web3 domain names and website addresses. Web3, as an emerging technology field, is undergoing a supply-side revolution to enhance its product experience:

Firstly, Web3.com can develop scalable decentralized applications (dApps) that can process more transactions while maintaining speed and efficiency. The development of dApps needs to consider the importance of user experience and interface design. Therefore, Web3.com should ensure that its dApps are easy to use and navigate, and provide clear instructions and user manuals.

Web3.com can also improve its product experience by developing more secure and reliable smart contracts. This will help ensure the security and transparency of transactions, enabling users to use the platform with confidence. In addition, improving transaction speed and reducing transaction costs can also enhance the product experience. Web3.com can expand transaction capacity and reduce transaction fees by using more advanced blockchain technologies such as sharding and side chains.

The Innovations and Opportunities of Web3 Domain Names

Web3 domain application is an important innovation in the Web3.0 field in recent years. Its emergence has solved many problems and challenges in the current decentralized application field, and has brought new development opportunities to the entire blockchain industry.

As an identity identifier, Web3 domain names can make it more convenient for users to perform identity verification. In traditional decentralized applications, managing and memorizing public-private key pairs is cumbersome and inconvenient for most users. However, through Web3 domain names, users only need to remember a simple domain name to achieve identity authentication, avoiding the troubles of traditional methods. In addition, Web3 domain names can also be used directly instead of wallet addresses for transactions, thus solving the problem of complex and difficult-to-remember wallet addresses.

Web3 domain names enable users to distribute their content to any node in the world, achieving personalized content distribution. Previously, users needed to rely on centralized platforms for content publishing and distribution, but this method faced censorship and restrictions from centralized platforms. Through Web3 domain names, users can freely distribute their content without interference from centralized platforms, improving distribution efficiency and making user content more personalized.

In addition, the emergence of Web3 domain names has also promoted the development of decentralized trading. Through decentralized exchanges, users can easily buy and sell domain names, eliminating intermediaries, reducing costs, and also ensuring the security and transparency of transactions.

Finally, Web3 domain applications provide developer-friendly APIs, which allow developers to more conveniently develop domain name-related applications, thereby promoting the development of Web3 technology. Developers can freely develop domain name-related applications based on their own needs, creating more value. In the future, Web3 domain applications will play an increasingly important role and inject new vitality into the entire blockchain industry.

Web3.com's Solutions for Improved User Experience

At Web3.com, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of the market and improve the overall user experience. Our commitment to innovation has led to the development of several groundbreaking solutions that are helping to reduce the barriers to entry for decentralized application development.

Non-mapped Domain Name Solution Web3.com has introduced a non-mapped domain name solution, enabling users to easily build their own websites without requiring programming or UI design skills. This solution significantly lowers the barrier to website building, allowing more individuals and organizations to participate in the development of decentralized applications using Web3 technology.

Integrating Off-Chain Social Media Information

We have also integrated off-chain social media information to allow users to unify and personalize their online presence across platforms. By integrating social media information from Twitter, Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and Xiaohongshu onto personal or organizational domain name display pages, users can showcase their content in a unified manner, creating a seamless user experience.

Ethereum Chain Address Resolution

Web3.com has also introduced Ethereum chain address resolution to improve the security of transactions. Users can now directly search Web3.com's bound domain name on the blockchain browser, and wallet addresses and domain names can also be linked to ensure secure transactions.

New and Upcoming Features

In addition, Web3.com is continually introducing new features to enhance the user experience. We will soon be supporting ARB BSC and launching our SPACE information aggregation function, as well as supporting Web3 email suffixes. These new features will further improve the overall user experience.

Lifetime Asset

Finally, Web3.com offers lifetime assets to our users, meaning once you purchase a domain name, you can use it for life without having to pay any annual fees. This approach ensures that users can use their domain name assets with peace of mind.

Overall, at Web3.com, we are dedicated to continuously developing innovative solutions to enhance user experience and empower the growth of Web3 technology.

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